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Real Time Strategy

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This mod attempts to balance and bring some more fun to RA3 after EA abandoned patching it.

  • Battlebase Terra and Zero Island
  • Battlebase Terra and Zero Island
  • Freeze Factor
  • Wrong Steppe
Hows the Patch?


Hows the Patch?

Just a short, and inquisitive feedback question...

Nov 20, 2011 News



We want feedback, please use the links provided. Hope you feel like giving it.

Sep 7, 2011 News
Red Alert 3 mods supported (update)


Red Alert 3 mods supported (update)

More modifications for Red Alert 3 published on Desura.

Jun 30, 2011 News
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Blazerunner May 10 2013, 4:29pm said:

I have a request for anyone who decides to take up working on this, if at all possible...
Put in a way to disable super/ultimate weapon structures, or a way to disable the ultimate weapons at any rate.

It's rather sad when a match against the AI, of all things, is cut to this 10 minute (tops) rush run because the AI thinks it necessary to try to spam ultimate weapons...

Honestly, I find that a constant in most RTS games any more. It all comes down to whoever can deploy their ultimate unit (A la CNC 3 KW MARV, Redeemer, Eradicator Hexapod) or superweapons first (Ion Cannons, Nukes, Rift generators)... after that, they drop a bunch of defenses and hold off everyone while they nuke the hell out of you.

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red3000 Feb 24 2013, 2:53pm said:


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BOBUG Feb 17 2013, 12:28pm said:

Hi guys, Dunno if anyone follows this anymore really, but I dont really have the time or the patience anymore for modding, I seem to remember I was partway through the next version before I trailed off and died, dont know if anyone's still interested but as I'm stuck inside with flu for a while I might attempt to upload another version, or upload all source code and art files I used/modified, this is NOT a promise by any means, but if I muster the strength things may happen


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red3000 Feb 5 2013, 7:25pm said:

i know how to work it now

+1 vote     reply to
red3000 Feb 5 2013, 8:39am said:

i don't know how to work yhe mod at all

+1 vote     reply to
red3000 Feb 4 2013, 10:54pm said:

is there another coming out

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Zweistein000 Nov 25 2012, 7:59am said:

I have just downloaded this mod and have played a couple of missions vs AI. Although they seem to respond more intelligently overall they seem easier to defeat (I've gone against hard Giles and hard Naomi). They reacted nicely against my attack, but way too late (no scouting). It didn't help Naomi to put up 6 defender cores of I had 20 hammer tanks and 30 conscripts rolling into her base. Also Giles went for exclusively air and WAY overcommited on that after I shut it down (I think he lost about 10-20 vidicators and 5-10 heavy bombers against me) thus allowing me to crush him with 5 sickles, 5 flak troopers, 5 bullfrogs, 2 hammer tanks and 3 bears :P

I will report more after I test them all.

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Lavama Nov 3 2012, 1:34pm said:

This patch is a mod, which means you have to launch it through the Control Panel. While it isn't the best option, and a .exe would be nice, it patches the game where EA went "Let's focus on CnC4! Oh, and CnC F2P, because people don't want to buy a new one!"

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Mustache_Harbinger Sep 29 2012, 8:37am said:

Can anyone tell me why these "patches" have no .exe file?

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RedAlert2010 May 5 2012, 8:57am replied:

this is a mod in its own right

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