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R.E.A.R.M. - "Rearmament Expansion And Redesign Mod" is an unofficial Homeworld 2 expansion and it adds number of new interesting and various units.

  • R.E.A.R.M. on Tunngle
  • Modular Destroyer Platform Production
  • WIP Christmas preview version for download
  • Flagship follow-up
  • Small exercise
  • New hangar door
  • Anaglyph Spearhead BCs
R.E.A.R.M. Live on Desura!


R.E.A.R.M. Live on Desura!

Rearmament Expansion And Redesign Mod is now on Desura!

Apr 24, 2011 News
R.E.A.R.M. is looking for the help with presentation


R.E.A.R.M. is looking for the help with presentation

Do you want to help R.E.A.R.M.? There’s one thing you can do. R.E.A.R.M. is looking for wallpaper and video makers. If I’ll have someone else to make wallpapers and videos, I’ll also have more time for...

Dec 15, 2010 News
R.A.D.A.R. - REARM Analysis Diagram And Review


R.A.D.A.R. - REARM Analysis Diagram And Review

R.A.D.A.R. - "REARM Analysis Diagram And Review" is a flash application for ship comparison, you can preview two ships and their statistics side by side.

Jul 18, 2010 News
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zeus_2112 Jan 26 2014, 10:31am said:

new to the mod world and getting back into hw2 and was wandering what you added to the game. i too also noticed the lag along with restriced camera control. i have a gaming mouse and was unable to assign none of those keys except for m1 and m2.

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Gavr1eL Jan 23 2014, 7:05pm said:

Hi where can i get the REARM DM mode download link? Couldn't find anywhere.

+2 votes     reply to
Pouk Jan 25 2014, 3:33am replied:

Switch the Game Type option in the Player vs CPU menu.

+1 vote     reply to
StrikeNoir Jan 22 2014, 7:15am said:

Pouk, the mod seemed to be a little laggy if I play for a long period, even with few ships in the arena... would you mind considering reduce the amount of scripts? To make this mod more low-end friendly? Although my machine can handle most of next-gen games pretty well, it comes laggy with REARM.

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Pouk Jan 23 2014, 7:03am replied:

Some lag is caused by the ship naming, some by scripts.
There is a game mode called REARM DM Simplified, which drops a lot of these scripts. Use that and inside of it turn ship naming off.

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Galacticruler Jan 7 2014, 5:05pm said:

Hi there, just wondering if you're dead or still working?

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Pouk Jan 11 2014, 12:08am replied:

The last month was filled with simply too much work, the next one is going to as well. Just couldn't make that december release. I'm gonna get to it, but not right now, I'm sorry about that.
Hey but I'm sure the HW2 modding is going to be in a spotlight again with Homeworld game digital releases.

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xXxBlackCrossxXx Nov 10 2013, 3:06am said:

Greetings! I'd like to lead off with the fact that I'm fairly new to the HW2 experience and that I was fresh off of the Campaign when I discovered your Mod. Absolutely love what you've done here.

That said, I wanted to make a report. I'm not certain if this is a bug or what, but I feel it bears mentioning. The Research Station for me is a textureless, red husk. It works just fine (in so much as it should work, considering it's a WIP), but the only thing that seems to have a texture on it is the attached Advanced Sensor module (which is a somewhat tan color).

Now, I would normally assume that this was part of the WIP part concerning the Research Station. However, I shared this Mod with a friend, and he says that the Research Station for him is untextured black, and that the Advanced Sensor module is grey.

As I said, I'm not even sure this is a bug, given the Research Station is still being developed. However, I wanted to mention it anyway. You know, just in case.

In any event, please continue the excellent work. It's so hard to find good Mods these days as they always seem to get dropped due to one complication or another. While I understand that sometimes life gets in the way of such things, that doesn't make it any less sad when a good mod gets permanently shelved.

You have my vocal/text-based support on this project, as I'll be certain to mention it to all my HW2 playing friends. And, if you ever start up a fundraising page on GoFundMe (or similar site) you'll have my financial support as well. (Well, what I can muster, at any rate.)

May good fortune find you wherever you fare!

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Pouk Nov 10 2013, 7:58am replied:

Firstly, thank you very much for your support and interest, my goal was to create a mod with a certain standard, I'm glad you appreciate it.
That said the Reseach Station in the last released version is simply WIP. I think the texture at that time took secondary team colors.

PS I'm really not sure you can (or actually should) crowdfund game mods, it doesn't sound solid.

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xXxBlackCrossxXx Nov 10 2013, 1:02pm replied:

It would appear that this is the case. After speaking with my friend again and asking what his team colors were, both his (black) and mine (red) coincide with our secondary color schemes.

As for crowdfunding game Mods, I'd think it'd be more a question of "could" rather than "should." The reason for my thinking involves my understanding of what goes into this kind of process, and the knowledge that a lot of this work is done without any compensation outside of the satisfaction garnered from a job well done.

Depending on the scale intended and the quality of work involved, I don't think many would mind seeing some Mod Designers getting some support in this fashion. But, I can also understand the reservations held in opposition to it. For example: What if something happens and the project can't be finished? A logical fear, among others.

Regardless, this is still an exquisite Mod from a Modder with an eye for excellence. I hope to see wondrous things in the future, and I'll be sure to keep an eye trained on this fine piece of art for further updates.

Take care, and may you find success in all that you strive to accomplish.

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