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Realism: Invictus is the Beyond the Sword version of the Civilization 4 mod that was formerly known “Total Realism” when it was being developed for Warlords expansion pack of Civilization 4. Our mod has been with Civ since the earliest days; it was, back when it was called just “Realism”, among the first comprehensive modpacks seeking to rebalance the game. For many years now, the mod continues its life and its evolution.

For detailed statistics on what the mod adds, please check the features section.

10 Jinzor

Great mod! Glad I could help by getting my dad's voice to voice act those research tech quotes (not all finished yet, you can only hear 4 or 5 of them in the mod at the moment).

IHaveaPhDinWizardry says
10 IHaveaPhDinWizardry

A simply brilliant mod. The _only_ thing I dislike is the fact that the animated leaderheads are replaced with paintings. Hardly enough to warrant 1/10 off of this.

MeklordAporia says
10 MeklordAporia

At first, I thought this mod took itself too seriously, what with leader weaknesses and almost complete lack of alternate tech paths. But then I started playing it again. It's the largest mod to not include future-era stuff, which on second examination is a strength because it doesn't overexert itself. Most importantly, Invictus has the deepest combat system of ANY Civ game before or since. If we're lucky, Firaxis takes notes for Civ VI.

And War Elephants. Woe to whoever has to fight them off.

anto-shturmovik says
10 anto-shturmovik

Perfect. In any way. Hope to see further patches and improvements.

Freakwave says
10 Freakwave

The Best Civ4 mod out there that is close to history while still being true to gameplay.

Eegah says
10 Eegah

Greatly thorough mod and great commitment to the game.

SergeantoftheRangers says
10 SergeantoftheRangers

Great mod this is the best one i have played for Civ IV. Keep up the great work!

ThaCoolKilla says
10 ThaCoolKilla

Feb 7th, 2014

No review provided

Dabutormu says
9 Dabutormu

Dec 30th, 2013

No review provided

Fellgrave says
10 Fellgrave

Dec 29th, 2013

No review provided

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