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Rainy Days is an exciting story driven map for the first person shooter Crysis. It thrusts players into an exciting story driven mod with teamfights and rain scenario.
Our dream was to build a map like it existed in our fantasy, it was a hard way but I think in a few months we are going to release it :D

RSS Feed Wreckage - At night...

"You need to go back once more! A storm is coming up."

Posted by Chrjs on Aug 25th, 2011

User Posted Image

The first minutes...

of the Rainy Days trilogy began in a harbour in the night. In Rainy Days you played from the morning to the midday. With Wreckage we're going back to the roots and after a long day for Nomad and Major Cafferty they'll fight for their live in a harbour again!

Wreckage - Dr. Lyra Hendricson

Wreckage - The fabric

Wreckage - US

That's it for todays update, we love to hear your feedback and stay tuned for more. :)

Predalienator Aug 26 2011, 1:08am said:

The lighting in the background[or the lack of it] seems off putting to me because well if it,s dark then it should not be that grey[i noticed that Crysis also had that lighting effect,is it the way CE2 handles dim light?] but lighting is spot on in the last 2 screenshots.

Keep up the good,consistent work and just tweak some minor nuances :)

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Chrjs Aug 26 2011, 4:43am replied:

Thank you for the critique. In the first picture I lowered the brightness of the light in the background because it isn't the major element in the cutscene so the person stands in the spotlight aside from that it should be a little bit nebulous.

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Predalienator Aug 26 2011, 9:55am replied:

Ah i see

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SayHelloToMrBullet Aug 27 2011, 8:01am said:

I think all 3 of the screenshots look fantastic... I especially like the third one: it has a very gritty, moody, war feel to it (which is helped by the overhead lights in the distance)

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Chrjs Aug 28 2011, 4:54am replied:

Then I reach my plan. Nice to read that, SayHelloToMrBullet. :)

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modsuki Sep 2 2011, 4:03am said:

still have many bugs...? :(

+1 vote     reply to
Chrjs Sep 4 2011, 4:41am replied:

We have much to do with bugs and details.

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