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'One 4 Nine' is a four-level campaign for Valve Software's Left 4 Dead 1. The setting is the Nevada Desert. The U.S. Army have built a Military base around an ancient 'alien tomb', and after years of trying have finally managed to open it. The four survivors - Francis, Bill, Zoey and Louis - have heard rumors of a fortified safe zone located in the U.S Army's base, but have no knowledge of the tomb, nor what will await them upon arrival...

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One 4 Nine featured by Valve, status update, and my next project


One 4 Nine featured by Valve, status update, and my next project

One 4 Nine is featured by Valve on l4d.com from today for the next few weeks.

Jan 8, 2011 News
Status update


Status update

After 13 months of working on this campaign...it's done. :D

Aug 3, 2010 News
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Roclocks102 Jun 11 2012, 7:46pm said:

Would this work for L4D2?

0 votes     reply to
feillyne Jun 25 2012, 1:16pm replied:

Desura version is L4D1 only.

A separate page for L4D2 version would be needed if it's ever going to be published on Desura.

+2 votes     reply to
sixcentgeorge Sep 4 2011, 3:49pm said:

great mod , the ending is a great "touch of style" with "2001 a space odyssey" .

+3 votes     reply to
Mateos Feb 7 2011, 11:00am said:


First, thanks for a such amazing campaign: the details are awesome! Played it yesterday form start to end, and haven't seen the time.

But... I've some recommendations:
- When you put a Bile Bomb in the canyon, the zombies don't move. It's like you were at the theatre...
- About Tank, I killed him with just 2 Bile Bombs. Saw him, his head, put on him 2 bombs, and died.
- The horde is predictable. Just a right click, and all are down. I suppose the no-music-announcing-horde is on my side, I'll try to fix it by reloading my audio cache.
- At the end, zombies has just 4 ways, and 3 where they've to climb. With 3 bots in advance, no one get hit, even by special infected.

The only "bad" point for me is the AI. I haven't mapped in L4D yet, but I'm sure something could be done.

Any comment is welcome... I hope I'm not the only guy complaining, and it's only with feedback and sometime criticism that things goes better.

Thanks for reading,


+3 votes     reply to
keved Feb 8 2011, 6:22pm replied:

Thanks Mateos, glad you liked it.

The problems you encountered are an issue on your PC. In total, One 4 Nine has now been downloaded around 250,000 times, and I've not previously heard of zombies stopping when bile is thrown, so the problems must be on your setup not related to my campaign.

Unfortunately Valve's vpk filesystem is creating lots of conflicts with custom mods and older campaigns (read my response to StoneCrowUK for the full explanation).

I remember one guy had an issue with no zombies at all moving in any level, and it turned out to be due to a completely different mod he had installed (a custom Zoey with red hair). He disabled his custom Zoey model and then my campaign worked no problems.

I suggest you follow the steps I provided to StoneCrowUK, particularly go to Extras->Addons in the L4D2 menu system and uncheck all other mods you have installed, then try again. I'm pretty sure it will then work for you without any AI or sound problems.

As for the zombies only being able to attack from one direction during the finale, it was intentionally designed like that. It would have been too much for some players to have their vision obscured by the graphical effects while being attacked from all directions. You may well have found it too easy only being attacked from one direction, but other players actually told me it's too difficult. :) I think the current setup is a happy medium.

Hope that helps. Cheers.

+3 votes     reply to
Mateos Feb 9 2011, 11:01am replied:


When I throw it on ground, not problem. I said in the canyon, it explodes on an invisible surface, when flying they're moving, and when it crashes in the "invisible block brush" they still have the animation, but stop moving. I can take a vid if needed, it's the only campaign on all the ones I've tried where I encounter a such curious thing.

The difficulty is OK so ;)

Thanks for replying, will try your advices,


+3 votes     reply to
AssassinAlex18 Jan 22 2011, 9:19pm said:

Geoff from rooster teeth liked the campaign. Dead after Dawn made me want the Left 4 Dead games for my PC a little bit. This campaign total makes me want to buy them now.

+3 votes     reply to
StoneCrowUK Dec 2 2010, 4:29pm said:

awesome, but on the l4d2 version there were lots of missing textures, like the sky at the beginning

+3 votes     reply to
keved Dec 23 2010, 6:26am replied:

Missing textures will be a problem with your setup, not the campaign itself.

The issue is that before Valve released 'The Sacrifice' DLC there were a number of L4D1 art assets not included in L4D2. Campaign authors who wanted to use these missing L4D1 assets in L4D2 will have had to include them in their campaign vpk file. As part of The Sacrifice, Valve added the missing L4D1 assets to L4D2 by default.

However, the Valve update has resulted in conflicts with older L4D2 campaigns that included the L4D1 assets because they're using the same filenames and paths for these assets, resulting in missing textures in campaigns like mine. :(

There is nothing I can do to fix the issue, because it's simply not an issue with my campaign itself. So, to fix the issue:
1) Uninstall L4D1 addon support if you have it installed as it's no longer required.
2) Verify your L4D2 cache.
3) In the Extras->Addons menu of L4D2, disable old campaigns that were released prior to The Sacrifice.

Hope that helps.

+3 votes     reply to
keved Sep 1 2010, 6:14pm replied:

Thanks. :D I've already split map 4 into two pieces (map 5 starts just prior to entering the tomb) and I'm currently adding a new section to map 4 (since it's now a bit too small).

+4 votes     reply to
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