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Nexus - War of The Damned is a mod taking place around 20 years after the game "Nexus: The Jupiter Incident" ended.

New Playable Beta Coming Soon


New Playable Beta Coming Soon

Hey guys, I should be able to release the latest beta some time in the next 2 months! Please send me any ideas, comments, and criticism!

Feb 10, 2011 News
Beta 2 fix coming soon


Beta 2 fix coming soon

Seems I left a few bugs that need to be fixed up. Will upload it as soon as I insure that I didn't miss any.

Dec 3, 2010 News



Hello guys, The 2nd beta for the mod is going to be here soon. I have a lot planned, and I have almost completely recoded a lot of the old Beta 1 features. We have new ships, effects, sounds, weaponry...

Sep 9, 2010 News
Beta 1 has landed


Beta 1 has landed

I am happy to announce that Beta 1 is being uploaded to moddb as I type this. Everyone should check it out when it shows in the next few days as it has multiplayer, new weapons, new ships, new effects...

Apr 25, 2010 News
Beta 1 coming soon


Beta 1 coming soon

Beta 1 will be coming out in a few weeks, get ready for it.

Mar 7, 2010 News
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EvilMordac Apr 19 2012, 3:48pm said:

So what is the status of the mod? Done yet? Close to done?

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Lt.Brandon Apr 20 2012, 1:47am replied:

Right now it's still in development, I honestly don't have any idea when it will be done. It's not high on my priority list right now, but it's certainly not dead even if I don't seem all that active. I'm considering releasing a new beta after I finish updating my device info and make sounds for the new weapons.

+2 votes     reply to
Lt.Brandon Jul 5 2011, 6:44pm said:

Woo after like 3 months of waiting google sent the password reset! LET THE DEV SVN UPDATING COMMENCE. Oh wait I already finished =]

+2 votes     reply to
Kirsah Mar 27 2011, 6:32am said:

Hi there Dangerosu,

Visit the NexusWiki at 'http://nexusthegame.net/wiki/Nexus_-_The_Jupiter_Incident' for beginners guides and additional modding tools.

Good to see new interest in N:TJI :)

+2 votes     reply to
Lt.Brandon Mar 29 2011, 2:45am replied:

I go on a trip and get my comment ninja'd..

+2 votes     reply to
Dangerosu Mar 21 2011, 7:10pm said:

Well, i played it and i have to say it's pretty bad...
No story, no level design, no proper device names and no interesting gameplay whatsoever. This mod needs a lot of work...
First of all, don't throw the player directly in a firefight right out of the briefing, he won't even have time to understand what the hell is going on. Second of all, your missions have no timeline, no story, just get in and start shooting, and whoever has the best guns wins... This is a sci-fi game, but so far your missions lack any kind of fiction. Watch a few episodes of Star Trek or Stargate and at least try to make some kind of story before, during and after battles.
Your missions all look like simulators and that is not cool. The narative is missing completely. And pls fix the weapon names for the next version, it is confusing not knowing what weapons to use...
Good luck.

+3 votes     reply to
Lt.Brandon Mar 21 2011, 11:19pm replied:

I'm sorry if I misunderstood your comment but I took most of that as an INSULT.
Ehm I'll just explain some stuff here, the missions in this mod are currently only testing. You must remember that this is still in beta, there won't be much other then getting thrown into a battle until I finish the campaign version. On the note of the weapon and device names, I had finished 75% of them, however, I had accidentally used an old backup when I messed something up and lost them before I uploaded beta 3. Also, you seem to not really understand that until the campaign is made I can't do briefings or any of that story stuff the normal game had. If I manage to get anything done in those areas I'll release it, but right now I'm just setting the stuff out so I CAN do the story. I need to do a lot before I can do that.

So please, before you go and complain about something like device names or the missions, just remember that this is in beta and isn't even close to being done. Just another note, I'm the only one making it so it's going to be a while before most of the detail work is done.. if you want it a lot your more then welcome to make some stuff and send it to me. Again, sorry if I took your comment wrong, but you should consider these things before you comment.

+3 votes     reply to
Dangerosu Mar 22 2011, 2:06pm replied:

Yes, i apologize for being so rough, i was tired and i seem to make bad posts when i am tired. I only meant it as feedback, but it came out wrong.
I realise it's the beta, i was just hoping for something a bit more playable. I will wait until u get a playable version of the campaign.
Sry about the rash review.
I want to make a campaign of my own, indeed, but i'm just getting started and i have no idea what tools i will need and where to get them. I have the Nexus Skirmisher but that is it. Perhaps u could give me some pointers on what i need to make a mission with titles, objectives, dialogues and ships :). I'm new but i want to learn as i love this game and i would like to make a campaign with the TJI models in my spare time.

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Lt.Brandon Mar 7 2011, 4:52am said:

I just put up an svn if anyone wants to mess with the latest additions to the mod. Here's the svn link
http:/ /warofthedamned.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/
Note: do remember to remove the space in the // before attempting to use that. Also, there's a chance that things in this svn might be buggy or may not work at all.

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Lt.Brandon Mar 10 2011, 6:09pm replied:

After I finish up some balancing I'll be uploading the new beta, I was going to do it a few days ago, but I ran into some bugs after multiplayer testing. That and I had managed to make the military and pirates such an even match that after an hour of battle no ships had been lost, had to fix that we dun need them not dieing now do we XD.

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