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Modular Combat is a role-playing shooter based in the Half-Life universe. There are over 50 modules that can be upgraded at any level, in any combination. Modules give combatants amazing abilities such as flying, teleporting, spawning minions, and shooting flechettes or energy balls.

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Thank you for all the support in the continuation of Modular Combat

Posted by suki-chan on Jul 15th, 2012

First off, my name is Suki and I'd like to, on behalf of the entire dev team and myself, thank all of Modular Combats supporters who have stuck by the mod and the team handling it through thick and thin. While yes, it is really sad to see Matt leave, this does not mean that the mod has died; with the fan bases support Mod Com will continue; so keep sending ideas, post on the forums and send friends the wiki page, every little thing helps. 

With love, Suki 

Wiki Link:  https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Modular_Combat

Forum Link: http://www.modularcombatsource.com/forum.php

riki68 Jul 15 2012, 9:40pm said:


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necron15 Jul 15 2012, 11:21pm said:


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PROGRAMREBELLEN Jul 15 2012, 11:34pm said:

oh thank god

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Raygoza Jul 16 2012, 8:35am said:

I'm new here but I got an idea,what about a module that makes you immortal for a few seconds, it would allow you to last just a little longer when you feel you really need it though since it seems unbalanced it could have a long recharge time and maybe some special things could get through the immortality and still kill you.
Like staking a vampire (they are immortal but they can die)

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archerjd Jul 16 2012, 10:48am replied:

Hey, not here... post it in the forums...
Btw, signup is easy, just use your steam account.

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mr_peters Jul 19 2012, 6:01am said:

I'm glad to see that the mod is still progressing and that it's not dead.
Was a while since I last played it and was an active part of the community.
Used to be Lead Q&A for a short time and then admin but like I said, a long time ago :P

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archerjd Jul 19 2012, 11:17pm replied:

Are ya planning on getting involved again?

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mr_peters Jul 21 2012, 9:59pm replied:

Not sure, maybe at some point.
At the moment I'm quite busy with some other things so I can't really spend a whole lot of time on Modular Combat any more :/
Hopefully I'll be able to contribute at some point but at the moment, no.

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$n!p3r Jul 28 2012, 8:13pm said:


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olvimasta Aug 18 2012, 8:32pm said:


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