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Mission Improbable is a singleplayer mod for Half-Life 2: Episode 2. In it, Gordon Freeman is tasked with re-activating a Resistance listening post. From there, things quickly escalate.

Review RSS Feed Sgt.AS says
10 Sgt.AS

It's like an Expansion Pack for HL2. And it's not one of those cheap Mods, this campaign is so good it could've been in the original game.

zonbie says
10 zonbie

There is much to explore and discover in this mod. A very Half-Life-2-centric mod with plenty of combat and storytelling. Beautiful vistas throughout, epic brushwork, and plenty of custom content. Especially impressive final chapter.

TAU! says
10 TAU!

The level design is utterly superb, and reminds me of something like Minerva: Metastasis. I also applaud you for getting Stephen Hawking, the brightest mind of this and the last century, to make a cameo appearance. Are you thinking of making a sequel?

MaxDeathLore says
10 MaxDeathLore

Nov 14th, 2010 3 people agree 0 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

I think it was nicely done! I had trouble understanding that I needed to get the car out of the garage, but other than that the map was challenging and super fun! (love the cave at the beginning)

chronogyros says
10 chronogyros

Very well done. Loved the attention to detail. Fun firefights. Challenging puzzles.

jkrigelman says
10 jkrigelman

Aug 1st, 2012 2 people agree 0 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

Nice job, just wish I would have found that third flower. I only have 2 of 3.

awesomepossum says
9 awesomepossum

Quite well put together, with a bunch of clever ideas and a good bit of humor in the middle of it. Good quality visuals from start to finish. Well worth playing.

Ashkandi says
9 Ashkandi

The Graphics is very impressive. I like the plants, grass, trees everywhere, it really looks like an abandoned area with these around on the road.

Popengton says
8 Popengton

May 28th, 2012 2 people agree 0 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

Very well done mod. I am surprised I have never heard of this. I was constantly surprised by what you brought out at each interval of the two parts. To see that you are doing a new iteration makes me very excited. Very professional and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

Wolfer255 says
10 Wolfer255

Closest to Episode 3 as you're gonna get. You perfectly managed to capture the look and feel of half-life. It just feels like Valve made it. Which says a lot. This is the quality a game should have let alone a mod. Another person that should be hired by Valve :D

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