Missing Information aims to recreate Valve's original Half-Life 2 storyline found in Raising the Bar.

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Missing Information patch 1.5.2 is delayed for an unknown amount of time!

Posted by ScarT- on Oct 1st, 2009

Seems the date September 30th is cursed. As you might have noticed 1.5.2 isn't released. We decided to delay it for an unknown amount of time (two weeks tops, but think one week)! The reason why we're delaying it is as simple as we aren't satisfied with the current 1.5 release, and we think we are able to make something better. Another reason for the delay is we want to make it as bug free as possible. This is possibly the last patch you'll see for Missing Information 1.5 in a while (Missing Information 1.6 isn't going to be released).

Next big release from Gabe's Love Tub will be an episodic release, more specifically Missing Information: Episode One. More on this later, along with more media so stay tuned! Meanwhile you can follow us here on Moddb.

wazanator Oct 1 2009, 7:15pm said:

So if I understand it correctly your going to release 1.5.2 and that will be the last update and the rest will just be map packs?

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ScarT- Oct 1 2009, 7:28pm replied:

Call it whatever you want. This is the last update as you say, but after that we will be releasing episodic content, not mappacks :-)

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Megadave2003 Oct 4 2009, 11:57am replied:

which means like your gonna release a part of the game at a time rather than releasing it all in one huge mod.

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Mugofdoom Oct 5 2009, 6:40pm replied:


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Rukus_ Oct 1 2009, 10:17pm said:

This time can you modify the HL2 maps to include the new weapons, then throw them into the mod?

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Gamerman12 Oct 2 2009, 11:47am said:


:C Sadface

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Doomlord1992 Oct 17 2009, 12:53pm said:

(two weeks tops, but think one week)Hmm it appears that 2 weeks have passed and still no update.Any news on when we can expect it?

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ScarT- Oct 17 2009, 8:10pm replied:

Currently unknown.

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Megadave2003 Oct 18 2009, 9:05am said:

Will we have this mod by christmas?

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ScarT- Oct 18 2009, 10:21am replied:

This mod is already available, and have been since 2006. Our next patch will be out before the end of the month, I promise :)

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FreeKill762 Nov 28 2009, 7:40pm replied:

Your full of Object.

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ScarT- Nov 28 2009, 11:14pm replied:


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Eggscanjump Nov 2 2009, 4:37pm said:

ProZak your awesome and I would rather have this mod then Black Mesa Source.

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EvilGenius Nov 16 2009, 7:10pm said:

You should have focused more on the Borealis and E32003 maps more. Also the only map that the mod needed was the e3_lab (complete E3 2003 demonstration) or another chapter called... E32002 demonstrations :)) than just adding random maps.

Well that's my own view on how the mod should have been and/or how you should release it as the 1.5.2 version so it means not everyone thinks the same about the mod ;)

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lmaodawg Nov 22 2009, 9:34pm said:

so to get this straight, after you realese the last update and the episodic content, we will have the full beta hl2 sotryline the way Valve made it b4 it was cut?

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EvilGenius Nov 23 2009, 2:58pm replied:

In Episodic content

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