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Mars Wars 3 - It's out!

MarsWars is an Unreal Tournament 2004 modification to remake the classic title, Red Faction which has been released on PC and Playstation2.
It's a first person shooter, played in gametypes such as DM, CTF, RailArena and many more. All weapons have been re-created. Characters, levels, even vehicles.

We're trying hard to give you the perfect gameflow you're expecting in a high quality mod such as Mars Wars.

Online play is much more stable and weapons are absolutely lag free (projectiles don't delay)! Meaning, if you fire your gun and you hit something on screen - it's a hit. In Mars Wars you can expect to experience one of the best FPS-multiplayer experiences. Especially a lot of fun with friends on the Invasion gametype.

Try it out, it's free and easy!!

Mars Wars 3 2nd+3rd Patch


Mars Wars 3 2nd+3rd Patch

Today some small news about what is happening with the recent version of Mars Wars

Dec 23, 2009 News
Mars Wars 3 is out!


Mars Wars 3 is out!

Mars Wars 3 released on March 13th. Initiates the fragging on Mars once again!

Mar 16, 2009 News
Mars Wars 2.1 screenshot check


Mars Wars 2.1 screenshot check

Screenshots update for Mars Wars 2.1. Showcasing new maps as well as updated ones. Also with a first peek of the new Menu that v2.1 will have.

Aug 21, 2008 News
Comments  (0 - 10 of 260)
Hey-Pi-Ron Jan 3 2013, 9:32am said:

Happy new year, miners!

+2 votes     reply to
DarkShad0w15 Aug 7 2012, 6:06am said:

I know it comes a bit late, but
please RED-FROG, can you at least fix the third-person view and the deathcam? This is one of my favorite UT2004 mods and you have done an amazing work so far, so thank you and your team for creating such an epic master piece which I still enjoy to play :) .
I don't want to force you to work on this and I know you said that you didn't get around the new update and I accept it.
It just feels so unfinished with these cam-bugs.
Anyway I hope you can find the time to finish it just for the old times. If not, it will be ok too and I will accept that ^^

+6 votes     reply to
Hey-Pi-Ron Jul 19 2012, 8:53pm said:

Red-Frog, are you planning to continue this mod?

+3 votes     reply to
Xyus Jun 1 2012, 10:27am said:

Can you tell how you convert Red Faction models?

+2 votes     reply to
Razzeld Mar 25 2012, 5:37pm said:

i have problem wen i start the game from launcher or from .bat it throws out a error saying 'UT2004 Build UT2004_Build_[2004-03-03_02.42]

OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
CPU: AuthenticAMD PentiumPro-class processor @ 1766 MHz with 1023MB RAM
Video: No Video

Can't find file for package 'RFSystem'

History: UObject::SafeLoadError <- UObject::StaticLoadClass <- InitEngine'

+3 votes     reply to
RED-FROG Apr 7 2012, 9:54pm replied:

have you managed to resolve the problem yet?
I became a little rusty when it comes to these things, can't really give a correct answer offhand yet.

I will be installing the resource files later today (first I go to sleep) and check what the problem might be.
I'll also be checking the recent changes I've done in the patch I've never released. If there were any.

It is amazing this site still has 43 visitors today. I hope those were not only google bots though. :p

Greetings and take care everyone

+7 votes     reply to
Hey-Pi-Ron Jan 9 2012, 5:19pm said:

RED-FROG, official site is down, mod is alive? You are still working on it?

+4 votes     reply to
SGT-Tanker Jan 10 2012, 10:15am replied:

Official site has been moved to: marswars.simplifiedstyle.com but it's pretty much deserted...
and I don't think Red-Frog is working on MarsWars anymore, sadly. :(

+5 votes     reply to
RED-FROG Apr 7 2012, 9:58pm replied:

I can't really tell why the url marswars.net.tc isn't working anymore.
I have never owned the domain, neither ever had the knowledge to run a website on my own, so I let somebody help me on that matter.
sobe is hosting the website, and we can be very grateful for that.

Maybe the domain has to be re-linked to the new website, I'm not sure. sobe hasn't showed up on xfire since 70 days ago.

But thanks for the heads up!

+5 votes     reply to
Audreysophie Dec 4 2011, 11:41pm said:

I'll agr4ee on it, as a mod, this is good, bot are not that bad and since play is limited, it is good, sure play with novice bots, but they don,t seem notice to me. I do not know why. Anyway

I had a problem with the mars wars Rpg mutator, which seem to crash my game several time. the only I have problem with it. was at a very high level.

+5 votes     reply to
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