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The Lord of the Rings The Battle for Middle-Earth: Return of Shadow.
Return of Shadow takes BFME to new heights with 17 factions being released gradually that cover the many armies and cultures of Middle-Earth.
So far there are 6 factions Lorien, Dunland, Rohan, Gondor, Mordor and Isengard with the rest to follow over time.

Return of Shadow allows you the unique opportunity to fight with many of the armies of Middle-Earth in strategically enhanced combat fighting on a scale not seen before in BFME.

The inclusion of many, many new maps brings you to places in Middle-Earth not just the famous locations but the secluded ones as well.

The fate of Middle-Earth is in your hands

RSS Feed Time for some announcements.

4 announcements for Lone Wolf Return of Shadow. Exciting times ahead.

Posted by Radspakr on Feb 27th, 2012

First off the 6th Beta faction for LWR Beta 0.1 will be Lorien.
I'm currently revising Lorien's tech tree and will be updated on the Tech Tree Index soon.

The second announcement is a new feature I revealed on the Facebook page is the introduction of damaged states for Heroes.
When a hero is heavily damaged the hero now shows it the hero will become bloodied.

Third announcement is the feature I teased in the Celebration topic a while ago.
This new feature goes in with the last one and is "Blood sense".
Essentially when a nearby enemy hero is Really damaged some heroes gain access to new abilities.
One such ability is Gothmog's new Heartstopper which does lethal damage to the target when the enemy hero is critical.
This same feature will be used for various other abilities in the future.

The last thing is that I had planned to release the first Beta by March 1st but it's been pushed back a bit because of the recent changes and revisions as well as my time off last month.
While delayed the new beta will be greatly improved because of it.
I'm working on some very cool new content and working out ways to make Lone Wolf better than ever. 

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