The Lord of the Rings The Battle for Middle-Earth: Return of Shadow.
Return of Shadow takes BFME to new heights with 17 factions being released gradually that cover the many armies and cultures of Middle-Earth.
So far there are 6 factions Lorien, Dunland, Rohan, Gondor, Mordor and Isengard with the rest to follow over time.

Return of Shadow allows you the unique opportunity to fight with many of the armies of Middle-Earth in strategically enhanced combat fighting on a scale not seen before in BFME.

The inclusion of many, many new maps brings you to places in Middle-Earth not just the famous locations but the secluded ones as well.

The fate of Middle-Earth is in your hands

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A list of the factions that will be added to Lone Wolf Return of Shadow.

Article Posted by Radspakr on Jan 16th, 2012

Lone Wolf Return of Shadow

LWR is a large scale mod with an enormous amount of new features and improvements in the works.

LWR will add many new factions greatly expanding the game and delving further into the world of Middle-Earth allowing the player to control the various peoples in the War of the Ring.

LWR changes and improves  the existing 4 factions greatly enhancing their unique qualities and improving their gameplay.
Rohan gains more Cavalry units in the Royal Guards and Westfold Riders adding Light cavalry and Heavy cavalry, the mod also adds in some new infantry units to better balance out the faction.
The expanded Spell store improves on the Cavalry based combat familiar to Rohan players.

Gondor has shifted it's focus more towards defensive infantry units with the addition of Gondorian Spearmen, Citadel Guards and Fountain Guards.
The new Pelargir Marines also add a great deal of flexibility with their unique attributes as a combined ranged and melee battalion  and their ability to combine with almost every other Battalion type including their own.

Mordor gains new Orc units and Trolls.
They start out with the basic Orcs but as the game progresses they gain stronger units in the Black Uruks and Morannon Orcs.
Their late game power is driven by the powerful Battle Troll unit.

Isengard gains new heroes and a couple new units but their strength remains in strong uniform units.
They gain a new defensive unit in the Uruk Shieldbearers that can use the Tetsudo formation and can combine with the Battering Ram to protect if from arrow fire.

The new factions added with LWR will add a greater variety of gameplay options to the game.

Lorien is a strong archer based faction.
They have a somewhat limited unit pool but this is made up by the various upgrades and support for their Lorien Archers and Marchwardens which make up the bulk of their army.
They become the strongest basic Archer unit in the game and when a strong force of fully upgraded archers attacks little can stop them.

Rivendell is a faction that centred on their powerful elite infantry units in late game.
Units like the Noldorin Valiants and the Imladris Champions are among the best infantry in the game though they are very expensive.
Rivendell players will take a while to build their strength because of expensive units and upgrades and little resource boosting.
In late game however they are a force to be reckoned with.

Mirkwood the third Elven faction is the least upgrade centred of the three using light armoured units to harass the enemy.
They are adept at stealth and forest combat but lack at hand to hand.
Units like the Mirkwood Wardens and Beastslayers are great at hit and run combat they hit fast and can retreat to the woods quickly.

Erebor the Dwarven faction is a faction of powerful and varied infantry and strong siege.
They lack cavalry and stealth units limiting their ability to use hit and run tactics.
Instead the Dwarves are suited to open hand to hand battle and direct attacks.
Units like the Gatekeepers and Halbardiers are rarely bested in fighting.

Dale the mannish realm of Rhovanion are the great balance faction of the mod having a little of everything allowing them to adapt to any type of fight.
They have good solid units with strong archers in the Dale Bowmen and Marksmen.

The Southern Fiefdoms of Gondor or Fiefdoms for short are another good alround faction though with weaker units on average than Dale.
Where they shine however is with the valorous Knights of Dol Amroth the most powerful cavalry in the game and the core of a Fiefdoms player's late game force.
The men of the Fiefdoms are various but all courageous with no shortage of able heroes to lead them.

Arnor the Dunedain of the Lost Kingdom of Arnor are the remainders of a once strong kingdom long since fallen.
The remaining Dunedian have become wanderers, hidden in the wilds ever at war with the darkness.
The Northern Dunedain are few but strong and courageous they are all adept fighters trained since youth.
The Dunedain Rangers make up the strength of a Dunedain force.

Dol Guldur was once Sauron's dwelling located in the south of Mirkwood Dol Guldur is now home to the Black Easterling Khamul.
The armies of Dol Guldur are are darker and more evil than those of Mordor.
The Orcs of Dol Guldur are better trained and suited to Forest combat and they are aided not only by Trolls but also by Spiders, Werewolves, Vampires and Evil men of distant Rhun.

The Deep home to the Goblins of the Misty Mountains including Goblin town and Moria.
The Goblins while weak on their own are strong en mass.
The Deep are the quintessential spam faction, Goblins can be built for free and rather quickly and can swarm quickly and wash the enemy away in a sea of sharp blades and teeth.
To make up for the weakness of the Goblins are the strong Cave Trolls and Stone Trolls.

Harad are the lands to the south of Gondor and the many people who live there.
The armies of Harad are lightly armoured and armed but swift they have fast infantry, skirmishers and cavalry making them great at hit and run tactics.
Their real offensive punch however comes from the powerful and impressive Mumakil.

Rhun are the lands east of Gondor and Rhovanion and is home to many different clans and tribes of men who have long fallen into shadow.
The armies of Rhun are varied but their strength comes from the strong clan units like the Mederian Bowmen, the Murahad Axemen and the Suharid Shamisens.

Dunland the lands to the west of Rohan have long been at odds with the Rohirrim.
They now march to war alongside Isengard.
The units of Dunland are crudely armed but fast a faction great at out manoeuvring enemies with the fastest moving infantry in the game.

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