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Kane's Wrath Reloaded is a partial total conversion and balance mod for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars designed to change and make gameplay the way it was meant to be played. Unlike the original Kane's Wrath expansion for C&C3, this mod for C&C3 will not be played under most KW current gameplay changes and conditions. New gameplay changes, edited content and most units imported from KW and C&C4 (yes, they are real) will add and combine to the strength of the new gameplay experience for this mod.

RSS Feed Version 1.3 Released

This latest version of KW Reloaded only covers some of the minor changes and a possible new change to versions 1.4 and 1.5.

Posted by PurpleGaga27 on May 24th, 2012

I had to release this latest version (BMRT portion mod only) as quick as I can to cover the missing changes that weren't in version 1.2. There is no version 1.3 release for the STZOCOM portion of the mod as that part is now carried over to version 1.4 due to no new changes. Starting in delta version 1.4, all content from the STZOCOM portion of the mod will carry over to KW Reloaded Version 1.4 plus all the additional changes I have planned to include. So to Desura users who wanted to update KW Reloaded from beta 0.75 to delta 1.4, this will be your good chance as I will release the mod into Moddb sometime next week. Version 1.4 is the last delta version before heading to the full version 1.5. As I promised to the others, version 1.5 will have all the 9 factions playable including a possible skirmish AI plus the return of KW civilian objects, KW neutral structures, RA3 neutral objects and the custom music. Version 1.5 will likely be released somewhere in June in split download parts because the next version of this mod is gonna be... big.

Here are the version 1.3 changes to the BMRT portion of the mod (download link is at the top of the mod page):
(Note that there's no guarantee that this latest version of the mod is stable as rare unknown issues will crash the game and go back to the desktop.)
• The Kane unit now has decreased health to 10000, allowing for some damage for the Messiah.
• Edited additional changes to the mod string file.
• Edited missing experience values to the remaining new units into this mod who have yet to gain veterancy.
• Added the Salamander unit for the Marked of Kane faction. (Quite odd I did not put this unit in earlier)
• Replaced Confessor Upgrade with Black Disciples to both NOD and Black Hand factions. This still applies to all Militant, Militant Rocket and Confessor Cabal Squads (even Elite Confessor Cabal). That Black Hand trooper still fires the normal flame weapon.
• Changes to the GDI faction:
- Added Shatterer, Slingshot, Air Support, Reclamation Hub and the MARV.
- The EMP support power is now usable via a Space Command Uplink.
- Rig and Battle Base now have equalized health at 10000.
- The Dig-In Bunker can now be garrisoned by three infantry.
- Battle Base and Guardian Cannon will have railguns when upgraded.
- Surveyor is to be built in the War Factory instead of Construction Yard.
- Engineers can no longer be selected if selected all units on the map.

Also regarding my old news post: Moddb.com
Stygs finally created one of the four C&C4 Scrin units to be put into his Tiberium Wars Advanced mod (which he called it as an experimental Scrin Shrike). However, I have neither plans nor interest for that type of suicidal unit to be in this mod since it's not what I am looking for.

FortressMaximus May 25 2012, 5:04am said:


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Armywomanblue May 27 2012, 2:32pm said:


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jasonboy16 May 28 2012, 2:37pm said:


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Seph1999AD May 28 2012, 3:12pm said:

Version 1.5 is starting to sound very impressive! Can you add custom music from Universe at War and C&C4: Tiberian Twilight?

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PurpleGaga27 May 30 2012, 9:13pm replied:

It's not likely for this mod. But I had plans for those music in an expansion mod for C&C3.

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