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Kane's Wrath Reloaded is a partial total conversion and balance mod for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars designed to change and make gameplay the way it was meant to be played. Unlike the original Kane's Wrath expansion for C&C3, this mod for C&C3 will not be played under most KW current gameplay changes and conditions. New gameplay changes, edited content and most units imported from KW and C&C4 (yes, they are real) will add and combine to the strength of the new gameplay experience for this mod.

  • Patriot Missile Turret
  • Kodiak & Salamander
  • Orca Bomber & Howitzer
  • Chemical Warriors & Flame Towers
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Kodiak & Salamander
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damarjati Jan 5 2012, 9:57pm said:

wow nice...where to build it anyway?

+5 votes     reply to
[ITM]hammie Jan 6 2012, 4:03am said:

i guess he is going to have it at the airfield but it drops in like the hammerhead gunships in kanes wrath, either that or have it a call in abilaty, i wonder if it is as overpowered as it is in C&C4 (yes that total epic failure which EA quite often seems to do with their games)

+2 votes     reply to
Ahrimansiah Jan 6 2012, 5:07am said:

the best gdi unit EA ever made! and EA juggernaut was good too!

+2 votes     reply to
Hijacker Jan 8 2012, 4:40pm replied:

I don't agree with you about C&C4 juggernaut but yeah, the kodiak is awesome. The salamander is great too!

+3 votes     reply to
TankinatorFR Jan 10 2012, 3:45am replied:

Original Kodiak was better looking...
But those models are goods, just need some fake relief because they currently look really flats...

+2 votes     reply to
Jason_Zombolt Jan 25 2012, 5:32pm replied:

You mean a Normal Map?

+1 vote     reply to
Ahrimansiah Feb 18 2012, 11:31am replied:

no i didnt mean cnc4 juggers i mean EA juggers in cnc3, other units models were nothing compare to Westwood models, but kodiak and jugger were great ideas and models, i love assault jugger instead of only artilary

+2 votes     reply to
jasonboy16 Apr 16 2012, 10:16pm replied:

well EA really messed up on the C&C 4 Juggernaut. I bet a lot of people like the C&C 3 Juggernaut much better than the C&C 4 Juggernaut.

+1 vote     reply to
Weak1ings Jun 2 2012, 12:17am said:

I liked the C&C 4 Juggernaut, He just had no sniper team to compliment him from C&C 4 :(
But spamms of Kodiaks make up for it.

+1 vote     reply to
niceboat Jun 20 2012, 1:41am said:

maybe they should add some turrets for Kodiak. fire without any turret looks weird

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Some people have asked me for those units to be in the mod, so here they are. The Kodiak is currently missing its guns whereas the Salamander has its rockets. The Kodiak will be a tier-4 unit for the Steel Talons and the Salamander will be a tier-4 unit for Nod and Marked of Kane.

Jan 5th, 2012
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