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Complex is a free advanced game modification based on Relic Entertainment's Homeworld 2 game engine, free of any business directive, developed with passion and hard work, for experienced RTS players only.

In a world of simplified games often under pressure to do well commercially, our challenge has been to create this ambitious project, for those who want more from a modern videogame.
Complex series, actually counts more then 5.000.000 downloads and up to 3000 contacts per days.

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Complex 8.2.3 is available, see www.homeworld2complex.com

Posted by Beghins on Feb 8th, 2012

After one year of test and battles, fially Complex 8.2.3 is ready and available.
I hope you enjoy this huge work and fun, Thanks, Beghins.

Pra3t0r5 Feb 8 2012, 10:06pm said:

Awesome =D

+1 vote     reply to
Washeek Feb 9 2012, 5:44am said:

It's no use, after clicking the download, all it does is opening my space inventory...

+1 vote     reply to
BigFoot1 Feb 9 2012, 6:31am said:

Put it up for download on this site!

+3 votes     reply to
edo3 Feb 9 2012, 6:45am said:

News name is mispelled, nice job btw!

+2 votes     reply to
Church256 Feb 9 2012, 7:03am said:

Umm, the links don't work... also the page it links to is in, I think, french so have no idea what it says.

+1 vote     reply to
Leadershinji Feb 9 2012, 9:39am said:

I cant read that language... Could you please upload it into moddb ? Or provide a proper download link ? The new Download link links me directly to an forum(we dont understand that language)

+1 vote     reply to
regul Feb 9 2012, 11:07am said:

"Coplex" - error in the header. missing 'm'.

+2 votes     reply to
silentrambo Feb 9 2012, 4:30pm said:

Can you just release this as a regular download? It's extremely frustrating to the average user, and in bad form to have your users have to jump through hoops just to use the mod that you have released to the public.

+3 votes     reply to
Hell_Diguner Feb 9 2012, 5:06pm replied:

To download the mod you must
1- Update Homeworld 2 to version 1.1
--- Moddb.com
--- Or if you don't have an english version of HW2, find your version here: Moddb.com
2- Become a member of the Complex forum (second link in the article) which includes all the normal hastles of making an account for something
3- Download the mod from the Complex forum (slow) and run the exe (no other installation method is provided [experienced HW2 modders/players usually prefer a .big installation, as a self-assurance that no files are installed on their computer without their knowledge])

4- Hope that Beghins remembers to update the Complex Desura webpage, and download the mod using Desura
5- Hope that Beghins sees these complaints and uploads the download to ModDB
6- Find an unapproved download for the mod, created by somebody other than Beghins and hosted somewhere other than ModDB and the Complex website/forum

+2 votes     reply to
machitis Feb 9 2012, 8:32pm replied:

Complex forum is completely broken. The site was down for a while, and now it's reporting that the complex forum doesn't exist. Is anyone aware of an alternate download location?

+1 vote     reply to
Hell_Diguner Feb 10 2012, 7:21pm replied:

It works for me, but there's a ton of intrusive or obscuring advertisements. More than I remember from ~4 months ago, when I last visited it.

+1 vote     reply to
Stuart98 Feb 10 2012, 9:35pm said:

Link to download: Homeworld2complex.com It was simple to just get the link to the 744 download and replace 744 in the address bar with 81.

+4 votes     reply to
silentrambo Feb 11 2012, 2:53am replied:

This is what should have been posted. I don't want to register with any forums I will never go to, I just want to download and play. Thank you, you saint among men.

+2 votes     reply to
regul Feb 11 2012, 8:35am said:

Complex 8.1 is released.

Changelog: Complex.mastertopforum.com

Download: Complex.mastertopforum.com

There is also torrent file on page 36

+1 vote     reply to
mikey1871 Feb 25 2012, 12:16am said:

yeah, i'm glad some others are NOT ok with this very slow download.. also left a long note to begins on the facebook page and in his forum.

2 hours and 45 minutes to go.... geez

+1 vote     reply to
Sheemere Jul 9 2012, 6:06pm said:

Pas nette du tout cette installation,
je pensais qu'il s'agissait de la 8.2.3 datant du 09 Février 2012 et finallement je me retrouve avec la version 7.4.4 datant du 19 Décembre 2009.
Serait-ce chose normale selon vous?

+1 vote     reply to
canalla Sep 13 2012, 7:28pm said:

Loved th Mod...a bit to "complex" with soo many researchs needed.....but loved it anyways! good job guys! Eternal thanks!

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