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Fight your way to the the surface as Black Mesa...

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8 DoctorAmazing

Mar 9th, 2012 9 people agree 1 person doesn't
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I'm surprised by all the bad votes here. I loved this mod. The mapping was even better than Valve mapping. I found it odd that there is a lot of stuff (mostly models) still left in there but never used (like the Ngrunt). I'm giving this an 8/10 because of the ending. It just cuts to black in the middle of a sewer. Wtf. Also the mod was pretty short.

Extra: I was given a special thanks :)

SpeedyClaude says
10 SpeedyClaude

Very long awaited.
I like it.

Urby says
8 Urby

I enjoyed this mod. The areas of Black Mesa had a very classic feel to it and every room had a sense of purpose. Even the ending just felt right. No epic boss battle, the player simply slips away through an outlet pipe and vanishes from HL history. Love it.

The Cons:

- Mismatched models. Some were Low-Def, some were High-Definition and some were even Super-Definition. Personally I replaced the low poly models for a more modern look. :)

- Got lost a couple of times when it wasn't obvious that I had to back track.

paparazziVN says
8 paparazziVN

It's a good half life mod with new maps and monsters, nice mapping and modelling, the puzzle is still tradition. But the ending make me disapointed

HosséAKM says
9 HosséAKM

This mod is really awesome. I'm giving it a 9/10. Why? Because it has the old Half-Life feeling that many people felt when they first played the game. The mapping is just gorgeous, believable enviroment. And the difficulty is pretty fair. But it is kind of dissapointing that it's short and the ending creates so many questions, which I hope they will be answered. With that said I'm just going to say that Residual Life, just like its predecessor (Residual Point), is amazing and it's worth the time to play it.

ThatMercenarySnake says
10 ThatMercenarySnake

Well Worth the wait

This mod is a example of excellent ideas.

You play as a cleansuit scientist who is the same one from residual point.

But this one has much more of a plot

TheUnbeholden says
10 TheUnbeholden

This is a mod that does everything it can to be memorable, the intro of you walking up in your dorm room with personal pictures and then the tram ride... it oozes quality, like everything seems as though it belongs there and there is a lively functioning facility without you having to be there.
The unique locations I haven't seen before, a convenience store and book store. A crystal analysis area... even a new enemy which completely took me by surprise in a really good way.
The combat is great, its evenly spaced out, giving us a rest in between and giving just enough ammo with scarcity for health. Its tougher than HL1 thats for sure. In general you take more damage and theres some large versions of headcrabs I remember from a different mod that spices things up. Also for HL1 mod you take on the black ops at some point.

But what really surprises me is that you meet Barney early on and you can take him with you almost to the end of the mod (and its a long mod so thats really saying something).

My only nitpicks is the lack of puzzles but I've never been a fan of them to be honest and of course the ending, which seemed somewhat abrupt. Like there could have been something more to do, like going out onto a road and breathing a relieving sigh after going through all of that or something.
I noticed lack of music for the credits which is a good way to get people not to sit through it.

xTenshi says
8 xTenshi

Everything was overall well done, although it was confusing at times. Ending just came abruptly and out of nowhere. I first thought it was changing chapters, until it said "Out of Range"... okay.

bakashonen says
10 bakashonen

Reaaally a nice work,I really like it,just want to say that,or maybe not...
I know something about this mod,that maybe not everybody knows...
Tell me,there are somet things from FMA right?Like the blood sea (Fullmetal Alchemist is one of my favourite mangas,and I really like drawing too,so this mod was kind designed for me).
The only thing that I have to say against this mod,is something about the finale,I don't want to say that's anticlimatic,but I didn't expect that,so is kinda unfunny,but that's only one error in a lot of epic things,like the ''cutscenes'',really,great job.

silentgunz says
9 silentgunz

Superior to the previous mod, Residual Point. Once again you play as a scientist equipped with the white hazmat suit, trying to escape from Black Mesa. The level design is improved this time around, feeling more original than Residual Point, which had a lot of remixed Blue Shift/Opposing Force maps.

The array of enemies is more interesting this time around, using less of the buffed headcrabs from Residual Point (I'm very grateful for this reduction). There's good use of the assassins, as well as zombie assassins which was a fantastic addition to the enemy lineup. There's also an excellent sequence involving TWO gargantua.

Overall this mod is superior to its predecessor. The only real downsides I found were a lack of proper puzzles, lack of weapons, and an abrupt ending.

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