heXen:Edge of Chaos will be a new and free game, based on the original Hexen game which was developed by id Software and Raven Software.

Edge of Chaos is being developed by a team of fans who have always loved the original Hexen since it came out. In fact, most of us spent countless hours with the entire series. When id Software released Doom3, we immediately saw immense potential in the engine itself; the 'Hell' maps gave us the inspiration to make a hack-and-slash game based, primarily, on the original Hexen.

RSS Feed Saturday 8th September, 2012...Porkalator, New Artist

Fan loved artifact implemented and a new artist joins the team.

Posted by HexenEdgeOfChaos on Sep 7th, 2012

Welcome to another update! After a relatively slow July, things have started to pick up steam again. Our cool new addition recently was the Porkalator finally taking shape. Gavlig rigged and animated the model and Solarsplace set up its code. It's quite the fun artifact! It's one of the biggest requests we had gotten since last release (right next to the Dark Servant) so many Hexen fans will be pleased to see it functional.

Also, just this past week, we have had a new artist join out team. Please welcome Wther! He's joined us as our resident 2d artist and has already dove right into things. Great to have him on board.

Now for a little Porkalator demo:

Porkalator Test - Mod DB

Happy gaming!

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TheUnbeholden Sep 8 2012, 2:25am said:

Holy... Pork?
I think that the Tome of Power should be a highly requested item, especially if it gave your weapons special powers temporarily, not just a damage boost. Actually I haven't seen a update here for awhile, how much progress has there been overall? At the rate this is going what kind of estimate is there for the full release?

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HexenEdgeOfChaos Sep 8 2012, 7:13am replied:

The Tome was in the first release. However we have expanded it's effects since then and it is now functional with the firestorm.

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TheUnbeholden Sep 12 2012, 6:40am replied:

Nice! Good to see a old favorite see its full potential :)

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luiz0regis Sep 8 2012, 4:41am said:

Can't find you guys on steam greenlight...

+2 votes     reply to
medve Sep 8 2012, 4:45am replied:

doom3 mods have no doom3 support for some reason...but nexuiz have, and thats great, cause now all the 2 custom maps can be downloaded.

i would say hogification process instead of porkalator

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Lord-Doomhammer Sep 8 2012, 9:36am said:

And suddenly there was Pork! :D

+2 votes     reply to
ianna_keeper Sep 8 2012, 1:28pm said:

fork the pork!

-1 votes     reply to
Ghostbreed Sep 8 2012, 1:28pm said:

EoC is still alive..? WOOOH!

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