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Haunted Hallways is a custom story for Amnesia loosely based on SCP 087 B. But this custom story differs a bit from SCP 087 B. Your goal is to survive whenever and wherever possible. Death is not an option.

Survival... Harder than it sounds like. Could you survive for more than an hour in this building? Impossible. Not with the paranormal forces.

Review RSS Feed draelic says
4 draelic

I understand what the developer was trying to do with this story and to a certain degree it was effective however after 2 maps of the same stuff, chases, jump scares etc. It got boring and over used making the jump scares in effective and the chase scenes redundant. Harsh words and no offence to the developer as i stated i get what he was trying to do, it just requires some tweaking and it will be a good story well mod as there is not really any story to it.

Humeba says
4 Humeba

Lags way to bad to enjoy.

TheHaHa says
4 TheHaHa

It... could have been better.

The walls looked like paper, and on some corners, I could see through the wall. In chapter 4, there was no ceiling. As for the pop outs... not very creative. I already expected random monsters popping out and disappearing after .001 second.

Of course, there were some good things, I guess. I liked how you made the player's speed of running slow and fast at certain parts. I also loved the sounds. It made the custom story have that "spooky" feeling.

Shadowblade110 says
4 Shadowblade110

Aug 29th, 2012

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michael2000 says
4 michael2000

Jun 10th, 2012

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