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Grey’s life has been nothing but a struggle. A constant downward spiral, and it seems even reality has turned against him. Grey awakens to find that the world has gone quiet, the streets empty. You must find help.

Explore the grim world Grey lives in a completely new and unique world, and find clues to his shattered past.

Grey is a total conversion Half-Life 2 horror modification where the player must solve puzzles, fight to survive, and find out what is happening to the world around you. We have made a lot changes to the base Source engine and have added countless new mechanics in the mod such as the objective indicator, portable medkit, donator based extras, pickup animations, failed reloads, new picture based GUI elements and much, much more!

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Thanks for your massive support everyone! Last night we managed to hit our goal of 2300 watchers on Moddb and we are glad to announce to you the release date of Grey today!

Posted by Ashkandi on Aug 6th, 2012

Thanks for your massive support everyone! Last night we managed to hit our goal of 2300 watchers on Moddb and we are glad to announce to you the release date of Grey today!

Want Grey early? Help us get 300 legitimate members on our forums or 1300 facebook likes and we will release Grey earlier than the date you see here! Worried that an earlier release date means less polish? Don't be. We have carefully planned our release date of Grey for some time now and we feel Grey will be as polished as we can make it for release, regardless of these potential dates.

Please note that if you wish to donate, now is the time to do so. After release we will be unable to add more donator's to the credits. Also note though that we can still give you the donator's weapon post-release, if you wish to wait or don't have anything to donate yet.

Thanks again for all your support. We hope you enjoy Grey when it is released!

If you want more Grey news join our community at www.grey-mod.com or our Facebook community or just simply Track the mod at Moddb, it'll help us a lot!

Deppresick Team

greeneyedgirl927 Aug 6 2012, 10:25pm said:

when are you gonna put "Coming August 30, 2012"?

+7 votes     reply to
DeathVice Aug 6 2012, 10:28pm said:

Ahh.. Well.. Start making accounts!

+8 votes     reply to
Seaal Aug 6 2012, 11:17pm said:

Holy crap, that is soon!

+4 votes     reply to
Dune_Jumper Aug 6 2012, 11:28pm said:

24 days. WOOT!

+2 votes     reply to
Kryllic Aug 7 2012, 12:23am said:

awesome! Can't wait!

+3 votes     reply to
Blood_Wraith Aug 7 2012, 12:33am said:

Alright! Looking forward to playing it soon.

+3 votes     reply to
retnu16 Aug 7 2012, 1:03am said:

What is the size estimate. My crappy internet provider just pushed a data cap on me. I would like to make sure that it fits into my data budget.

+2 votes     reply to
0rpheus Aug 7 2012, 3:51am replied:

Holy crap. That's like...putting on an air breathing cap :S

+3 votes     reply to
haawok Aug 7 2012, 4:41pm replied:

And you would have to plan on what to do, how much to exercise, how much to eat and how much to stand still. Scary stuff.

+2 votes     reply to
luiz0regis Aug 7 2012, 1:12am said:

great news

+3 votes     reply to
MCGONN Aug 7 2012, 1:31am said:


+2 votes     reply to
FiredFox3 Aug 7 2012, 4:21am said:

30 August..fuuuuuuuuck

+2 votes     reply to
KEEP_IT_UP! Aug 7 2012, 4:52am said:

aaaw, finally. can't wait to play it then - congrats for the completion btw. :)

+2 votes     reply to
bluewario Aug 7 2012, 5:01am said:


+2 votes     reply to
AvagantamosTEON Aug 7 2012, 11:03am said:

YES! Can't wait to play this looks so well done! Hope it get's released early :P

+2 votes     reply to
Lockdown323 Aug 7 2012, 11:17am said:

If the mod is so planned out and ready to go for the potential early release, why not just release it then? Are you holding the release back just for this PR stunt?

0 votes     reply to
MasterFen Aug 7 2012, 12:33pm said:

Dat Binford logo. 8E

+2 votes     reply to
Hunrak Aug 7 2012, 12:39pm said:


+2 votes     reply to
KaiMan32 Aug 7 2012, 5:21pm said:


+2 votes     reply to
Mr.John Aug 8 2012, 7:02am said:

Damned about all this attention whoring on facebook and forums.

+3 votes     reply to
Ch°an Aug 8 2012, 5:32pm said:

Trust me folks, it's definitely worth the wait!

+2 votes     reply to
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