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Fall from Heaven II is a dark fantasy mod for Civilization IV. The Age of Ice has ended, what is left of the once great empires of man have formed into small tribes, ready to rebuild and retake that which was lost. Fall from Heaven II requires Civilization IV Beyond the Sword patch 3.17 to play.

Review RSS Feed Add review JM_Scion says
10 JM_Scion

I answered the Ljosalfar's call for aid in their war against the Sheaim with a gambit. There were only two ways to reach the Sheaim from my Hippus empire: through a narrow pass in the barbarian mountains or by sea to the Ljosalfar coast and north to the Sheaim highlands. So I took five galleons loaded with champions, horsemen, archers and mages and made landing in Ljosalfar territory.

As my army made way north to the Sheaim lands, Thessa of the Ljosalfar unexpectedly announced a truce with the Sheaim, pulling her and the armies of her two vassals out of the fight. My forces could no longer count on their support. But no matter, I could invade Sheaim by surprise. Sure enough, by the time my southern forces reached their first target city, there were hardly a few bowman to stop them. The city fell easily.

But I never expected the treason. Right after conquering this city, which lay just between the Sheaim and Ljosalfar lands, the Ljosalfar declared war on me, bringing their vassals the Svartalfar and Elohim along. Suddenly I found an army I could not afford to lose trapped in a city I could not keep in the shadow of four advancing armies. It looked as though I had no way out. So I made a deal with the devil...

I contacted Hyborum the Infernal, knowing the Infernals had no city of their own yet. I offered him the Sheaim city I had just captured for nothing in return. Not only would this put the Sheaim and traitorous Ljosalfar at the Infernal's doorstep, it would also transport my entire army out of harm's way and to the nearest friendly territory.

As luck would have it, that friendly territory turned out to be a small patch of land I own on the other side of a mountain range, deep in Svartalfar territory. Now my men must make a desperate march through enemy land to the Ljosalfar coast before the four armies can find them, or try to capture a city and hold as long as they can...

That's the kind of stuff that happens in this game! An epic fantasy theater for Civ IV!

StrategistofMetal says
10 StrategistofMetal

My absolute favorite mod for Civ 4! This game is absolute perfection and epicness to the tenth power. The amount of detail the creators put into the stories of this game are praiseworthy. This dark fantasy mod is about as addicting as Skyrim was for me. A MUST for Civ 4 lovers!

Jon.DM says
10 Jon.DM

probably the best mod for civ4 so far

sataribus says
10 sataribus

all i can say is..... Incredible!

Rampastring says
9 Rampastring

An epic fantasy mod which I find even more fun than BtS. The only thing which makes me give it 9 instead of 10 are the out-of-sync errors with the AI in multiplayer, which apparently won't be fixed since the mod isn't being worked on anymore.

spencerdean94 says
10 spencerdean94

Jun 6th, 2014

No review provided

link01742 says
10 link01742

Jan 13th, 2014

No review provided

Mero says
10 Mero

Jan 8th, 2014

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mightybacon says
10 mightybacon

Oct 30th, 2013

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toinoubm says
10 toinoubm

Sep 8th, 2013

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