After the Nihilanths defeat, a group of remaining Black Mesa scientists have been extracted by a co-officiary of the administrator. Gordon Freeman has been dispatched back into Black Mesa alongside a rescue team to find and extract Eli Vance.

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More than 20 mods for Half-Life are now published and ready to download through Desura.

Article Posted by feillyne on May 23rd, 2012

Starving for more Half-Life 1 mods on Desura? You can now sate yourself, because more than 20 HL modifications were published on Desura just a moment ago. Tested on the Steam version of HL, they are now ready to download & install through the client.

All Half-Life mods published on Desura so far:

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Troubleshooting - failed to launch item

Desura tends to find hl.exe in wrong place if your Steam username is incorrectly set.
So you may need to ensure that your current (default) Steam username is correctly selected on Desura Settings page.

* * *

If you have questions about Desura, you can contact Desura staff directly at the Contact page:

Desura support forums if you have any problems with the client or if you'd like to request specific games and mods added to Desura:

Mastercrazrj Jul 3 2012, 6:08pm said:

thanks for the help

+3 votes     reply to
hedroxlich Aug 16 2012, 1:41pm replied:

you bum!

+2 votes     reply to
hedroxlich Aug 16 2012, 1:43pm said:

not really !!!!!
well gman says hello i cars are awsome need crind "LE
TS GO" are you veg

+2 votes     reply to
undeadslayer458 Nov 20 2012, 10:17pm said:

it says the same thing even with my steam account on

+2 votes     reply to
undeadslayer458 Nov 21 2012, 12:50pm said:

this doesnt help!

+2 votes     reply to
feillyne Jan 7 2013, 6:10pm replied:

A few people had problems with the dropdown list / usernames too. Will have to dig up the problem in the source code itself (Desurium, the open-source version of Desura) and see if anything can help you.

+1 vote     reply to
rickr000 Nov 29 2012, 2:17pm said:

It's a drop down list, how do you add your own username?

+2 votes     reply to
feillyne Jan 7 2013, 6:09pm replied:

AFAIK, Desura should automatically detect all usernames (folders) and list them in the dropdown list. Unfortunately no additional usernames can be added.

+1 vote     reply to
TheGman645 Jan 23 2013, 8:42am said:

Hey which is this Mod Of The Final Boss Of The Half life i Have a Feedback For him His Head is Too Fatty and body is Thin

+1 vote     reply to
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