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"Deception" follows its own storyline outside of Strands of Destiny, but gives everyone a chance to see and use many advanced features including:
New Area (Town of Carreas) - You will be able to see Carreas come alive with this new area.
New Story - A compelling story that allows 2-3 hours of game play. Follow the intrigue of Geralt as he is attempting to save his oft-troubled friend Dandelion from the jaws of justice.
New Artwork - The mod includes new loading screens, cutscenes, and more for your viewing pleasure.
New Feature (Throwing Knives) - We will be launching an early version of the throwing knives with Deception. This will allow you more strategy with ranged units, whether they are a guard calling alarm, or a large monster wanting you as a meal.
Complete Voice Overs - Deception is completed voiced by professional voice actors. This provides another layer of immersion when playing the mod.
Modular - All elements of Deception will be in their source formats.

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Deception is the first community adventure for The Witcher game, introducing not only a new story for the player but also unique locations, characters and functions.

Posted by PaulV on Sep 23rd, 2008

Deception is the first community adventure for The Witcher game, introducing not only a new story for the player but also unique locations, characters and functions.

Download Deception from ModDB

The town of Carreas has been designed from the bottom up, with its own structures, textures and geographical area. Everything was kept at as high a quality as possible to reflect a society that would have actually existed and functioned in its own right. The main aim was not to let the mod lose any of the charm the original game had, not only in terms of the setting but also story.

Geralt travels the land in search for more jobs to fill up his empty purse and he arrives in his journeys to Carreas. There he discovers that his all-time companion Dandelion has landed in his usual bog, out of which only Geralt might save him. The player will have to solve a murder mystery, questioning suspects and looking for clues. But in the end not only Dandelion’s but also Geralt’s fate will be decided through a number of different possible endings.

Red Flame’s  is a team made upby more than 50 persons from around the world (Graphics, Script writers, Concept Artists). With support from whole Witcher Community they worked hard to eclipse everything created by Witcher fans to this moment.

Thanks goes to The Witcher Community, who made this possible, with their support, suggestions, ideas, and Beta-Testing and faith.

CD Projekt: RED, who published The Witcher in its CRPG glory. Their support and their encouragement made this dream turn from idea to game. The Contributors of REDFlame, the people and the power of their dreams, their hard work and all-night efforts... may this teach us lessons, may we learn from them and keep growing.

Aeneas2020 Sep 23 2008, 4:43pm said:

nice vid...but the intro takes up over half of it and then it just ends kinda suddenly without showing any real content. Anyway congrats keep up the work.

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PaulV Sep 24 2008, 6:35pm replied:

Thanks. :) Check out the Deception module page here for more videos... there are three of them in all. We decided to hold off on the actual in-game content. The Intro goes right to the Narrative video, in the beginning of the mod.

Hope you like it! More feedback and contributions makes our final patch to it even better. :)

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oblikua Sep 24 2008, 7:23pm said:

Good work,guys!Nice mod..And its the first one for the witcher..Guess the enhanced edition really brought this game some new hype!Congrats on the mod...by the way,if u guys at Red Flame(or anyone else for that matter)ever need original songs for mods or games,ill do it!ill do any type of song u want..if u want check out myspace.com/oblikua

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AshtonAndersen Sep 26 2008, 5:53am said:

Hey Great job guys. I know you all worked hard! Peter did a good job on the music score for the trailer as well.

+2 votes     reply to
Crux_Borealis Sep 28 2008, 1:29pm said:

About time someone made a mod for this, and it actually sounds good!! I'll try it as soon as I have enough time :D

+2 votes     reply to
Chris555 Oct 3 2008, 1:06pm said:

I installed it as instructed in the Readme, but when I run the game I don't see it. It should be under the 'New Adventures' option in New Game right?

+2 votes     reply to
Jordyx Dec 14 2008, 6:37am said:

I have the same problem, i installed it as instructed in the readme file but i don't see it... i tried the enhanced edition and the initial edition of the game...

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