The Past Ain't What It Used To Be...

The first Command & Conquer received its last official update on the 21st of June, 1996. Since then, the game has been ported to Windows (as "Gold" version), and re-released in the big "The First Decade" collection pack, but has never received any more bug fixes.

The C&C Gold Patch 1.06 project aims at bringing this classic into the new millennium, by fixing the old bugs, supporting higher resolutions, and adding new modding and mapping possibilities. It also contains an addon-based language system, allowing anyone to create translation packs for the game.

  • LAN Client view game options
  • Bloody splatter
  • SSM colouring bug
  • Custom number of Skirmish opponents
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Bloody splatter
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QuatroIGN Apr 30 2012, 12:15pm said:

Awesome Sauce

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ApornasPlanet Apr 30 2012, 4:06pm said:

more blood and gore!!

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Trailhog250 Apr 30 2012, 9:46pm said:

Haha, always liked the Engineer death anim. He would 'jump' back the other way lol

Still good to see it fixed..

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Nyerguds May 1 2012, 5:57am replied:

Yeah... I'd known about the bug for ages, but I've recently found the infantry animation sequences in the exe file. I got those converted to ini file now (see ), for handy reference, and, who knows, may even get the game to read that stuff eventually.

So when I saw the error happening ingame again, I was suddenly reminded of the fact I could actually FIX that now :)

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teslaptak May 2 2012, 9:00am said:


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Nyerguds May 2 2012, 8:22pm replied:

It's the ideas test mission, since nothing ever attacks you ;)

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Some of you may have noticed that when engineers are killed by a tank shot, something really funny happens: they are blown away to one side, and then to the other. You can try this out easily ingame by simply killing an engineer with a tank.

This oddity was caused by what seems to be a copy-paste error in the death animation sequence, that made Death Anim #4 (used for tank shell death) start with the same frame as Death Anim #3 (which I think is unused), even though it's 12 frames long, which is 4 frames longer than #3. This, of course, caused it to play the original 8 frames of Death Anim #3, plus 4 frames from the start of Death Anim #4.

The data has been corrected now, meaning you see the full animation of them getting messily smeared over the ground.

Apr 30th, 2012
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