The Past Ain't What It Used To Be...

The first Command & Conquer received its last official update on the 21st of June, 1996. Since then, the game has been ported to Windows (as "Gold" version), and re-released in the big "The First Decade" collection pack, but has never received any more bug fixes.

The C&C Gold Patch 1.06 project aims at bringing this classic into the new millennium, by fixing the old bugs, supporting higher resolutions, and adding new modding and mapping possibilities. It also contains an addon-based language system, allowing anyone to create translation packs for the game.

  • LAN Client view game options
  • Bloody splatter
  • SSM colouring bug
  • Custom number of Skirmish opponents
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LAN Client view game options
teslaptak Oct 7 2012, 4:40am said:

lol , 1stly i have read this as: teslaptak's game xD

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Venoxxis Oct 8 2012, 3:25pm said:

are there going to be computers in the lan game? (i dont think so :( )
just for fun on a LAN party we would love this sooo much...


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Nyerguds Oct 9 2012, 9:22am replied:

AI players has always been an option in C&C. They just don't have bases.

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stalkerforever Oct 23 2012, 12:30pm said:

ok let me know if i understand this, revision 4 isnt released yet and when it does it's gonna allow LAN play, cause now there's only Network play, am i correct?

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AtlasTasume Nov 2 2012, 2:18pm replied:

What? Network and LAN is usualy the same thing.

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Nyerguds Dec 18 2012, 4:45am replied:

LAN and network play is the same thing. As for this screenshot...
In the currently released version, I updated the game options to unlock some combinations of options that were impossible to use together (more specifically, "Capture The Flag" game mode and "AI players"). But these options were still shown the old way (incorrectly) for people who JOINED a game, since I only updated the game host's screen. This has now been fixed.

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RedAlert3Modder Nov 16 2012, 12:52am said:

Skirmish's?Is that what i'm seeing?
Looks awesome,i loved this game when i was a kid, the N64 was my first game system and Command & Conquer was my all time favorite

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Nyerguds Dec 18 2012, 4:48am replied:

Skirmish has been there since the first releases of my patch, but that doesn't mean the AI can build bases.

The new update shown here, specifically, allows the four game modes (bases on, bases off, capture the flag and Mobile Headquarters) to be shown correctly on the client-side view of a LAN game.

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v1.06c revision 4 will finally update the client interface of the LAN games to show the game options in the same way the Host interface does.

Oct 6th, 2012
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