A massive rip in the in the very fabric of reality was caused inadvertently by the Scrins use of their rift weapon. This anomaly would eventually be known has the Dimensional rift. The effects were devastating, the time line was shattered and suddenly people, events, vehicles even buildings suddenly ceased to exist.
Suddenly both GDI & Nod had vastly altered armies. Old technology was mixed in with the new, briefly the war was suspended, has both armies struggled to come to terms with both their loses and their new additions.
And what of the Scrin? completely unaffected!

It was 3 weeks after the dimensional rift that the first skirmish occurred. Nod forces destroyed a relief convoy that was moving to assist a small GDI outpost, all personnel were lost. Belatedly GDI declared war on Nod, the tools of war may have change, but Tiberium was still present, Kane still alive and mankind's future still uncertain.

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‡vlado32‡ Sep 20 2012, 3:33am said:

people tend to say tiberium essence is what tiberium wars should have been... well, here they got another good alternative :D love the humvees fighting aliens along with soldiers it look so real and then M1 tanks Object yeah ! ratata boom wshoooom then Titans come ooh yeaah gotta love dozen of titans firing like a mad man then a Object spaceship, a spaceship from space and also from our beloved tiberian sun come down on them sending them to better place hell yeah this is just awesome.. and chaingun tower is really cool too like trrrrrrrrrr... i just wanted to say awesome work madin :D

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Guest Jan 7 2013, 11:46am replied:

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Release 5 - internal alpha.

This video showcases almost nothing.
Marvel has I defeat a brutal AI without using a single ground vehicle and while building only 3 Air units ( you can probably guess what 2 of those air units were! ).

This showcases the incredibly annoying turtle Scrin tactic, where a Scrin Destroyer is parked over a Storm column. This increases its armour and damage output, while constantly healing it.

Not only does the Storm column provide covering 'close-range' fire against both air and ground units, but the Scrin Destroyer can out range any ground artillery!

You can also see that the Scrin have now got the Temporal Wormhole from Kane's Wrath.

This is 1 of 3 Videos done on this stage (because it is one of the simplest 'official' stages to beat a brutal AI, while keeping the time around 10 minutes for the sake of file size).

Sep 20th, 2012
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