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You awaken in a strange mansion.. how do you got there, and who is writing the strange letters you are finding?

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Comments  (0 - 10 of 58)
Fearnigo Oct 25 2013, 3:23pm said: Online

Oh wow that was a great and scary mod. Others who had problems simply just didn't take the game into their control at the ending. I was able to get out of there so easily. I loved it. Great, short sweet, and scary mod in my book had a lot of fun.

+3 votes     reply to
☣Kaernk☣ Oct 30 2013, 8:36am replied:

"Others who had problems simply just didn't take the game into their control at the ending."

What? ^^

+1 vote     reply to
Chizuru1 Sep 5 2013, 3:45pm said:

Finished the CS now xD
The closet thing wasn't that creepy (I knew what was coming and did go backwards toward it lol) and the last thing with the grunts was kinda tricky xD
Like that CS, keep up the good work^^
I really forward to your announced second CS ;)

+1 vote     reply to
Chizuru1 Sep 5 2013, 3:30pm said:

Is your second planned CS still in development? =o

And I got past that 'hall problem' I had.
Just missed the lever D:
And this stupid grunt saw me from the distance even though I was sitting :(

+1 vote     reply to
Chizuru1 Sep 5 2013, 3:20pm said:

Hm, I've got the archieve key not after I got past the grunt in the cellar, but now the door back to the hall won't open, nevermind what I try. Using the key is useless on that door and I couldn't find any other door, either.

But a plus of this CS is already, that there aren't any (cheap) jumpscares in this^^

Hm, hab nun den Archivschlüssel, nachdem ich den Grunt im Keller überlisten konnte, aber die Tür zur Haupthalle zurück will sich nicht mehr öffnen lassen D: Der Schlüssel - den ich ja erhalten hab, um in die Archive zu kommen - ist hier nutzlos und 'ne andere Tür konnte ich auch nicht finden =(

Aber ein Pluspunkt schon mal dafür, dass in dieser CS keine (billigen) Jumpscares vorkommen^^

+1 vote     reply to
adise Apr 14 2013, 1:57pm said:

great mod, thanks!
the monster in the foggy rooms is fun to play with running in a big circle around the rooms

+2 votes     reply to
MidnightMadness Jul 20 2012, 10:50am said:

I really loved this story. It had to pause the game about 4 times or so because of the nice moments where randomly Object starts flying around and 1 time in jail when i found the room to get another key the the big closet flew open with body parts and were kinda glicthing out.
definetly 9/10 Tons of Fun

+1 vote     reply to
Stalyn Jun 3 2012, 7:34pm said:

*spoilers incoming*
I thought it was really good, until I started saying 'That's Object'. It all happened after I was captured. The brute was coming - but, the bored sob I was, while I was on the ground and couldn't move, I decided to Object around with what I thought was going to be a useless bed. So I pulled it around everywhere and now that I discover a brute is coming, and the bed is on the ground posing no sort of cover, I have to sit there waiting for the Brute to arrive. After that, when I was escaping (left the door open after checking through all the rooms and THEN getting the key) the grunt spawned so I tried to wait it out (and to my dismay it didn't despawn), so I blasted some 'You gotta Fight for your Right to Party' and made a run for it. You know what? I was home free. I was ALMOST RIGHT OUT THE FREAKIN' DOOR when you decided to spawn an extra grunt behind me - No, no that's not even the problem. YOU HAD TO MAKE DANIEL TURN TOWARDS HIM AND GO SO SLOW THAT I HAD NO CHANCE OF GETTING TO THE EXIT and thus have to run through the entire part of the jail again, killing any atmosphere this game had running for it left. /vent. Besides that, it was all good, 7/10.

+2 votes     reply to
TheFlyingDutchwoman Jun 2 2012, 3:42pm said:

good stuff man... good stuff... pretty good stuff :) scared the Object out of me who is playing headset on, lights off and time 12:42 am. Pretty damn good stuff. 10 points for you!

+1 vote     reply to
Felix_the_Fox Apr 4 2012, 11:16am said:

A good custom story with excellent unexpected twists. The only problem is that there is too much use of keys. 7/10

+1 vote     reply to
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