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A class project in Navigation, Game features Audio only gameplay, to simulate being blind and is set in a Monty Python-ish comical world where a group of blind Monks are initiating you into their society by having you perform several audio navigatory task to help you learn to SEE with your EARS. Game Plays through in about half an hour. Created by Kyle Audick & Erik Carlson UCLA D|MA 2008

Have you ever wanted to be blind?


Have you ever wanted to be blind?

Now you can experience being blind by joining the Blind Monks Society. We welcome you all, the Thin, the Fat, the Tall. The short, the Angry, the Glad! We promise if you join you won't be mad. Our Leader...

Mar 27, 2008 News
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Stretch Oct 22 2013, 6:26pm said:

Would love to play this but it simply won't start. Tried through steam and Desura. At one point I got to see a valve logo before it crashed. After installing through Desura it crashes before I even get a chance to see the logo. Shame.

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NeptuneUK Sep 13 2013, 10:47pm said:

I'll have to try this again with headphones, the sound doesn't seem to be reproduced accurately on my 5.1 system in source, I'm going to blame the engine, as I use my 5.1 speakers to hear exactly where enemies are in a lot of games. Also the player's footsteps are a tad loud.

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bloodpipe Jun 9 2012, 7:10am said:

This is amazing

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Daidalos Jan 19 2012, 2:16pm said:

Now I can find out what it is like for Lilly and get closer to her psychically! Thanks!

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nopushbutton Mar 12 2011, 6:44am said:

There ought to be more games like this; sometimes I want to play a game but also want to rest my eyes.

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shunted Feb 25 2010, 11:18am said:

the biggest problem i had was even though it sounded like i was right next to someone i wasnt, i had to run about like an idiot for ages several times, once i had to follow the stream it became impossible because i crossed it several times and lost my place and direction; the constant walking noise didnt help because you couldnt tell if you were running into a wall or not.

what would be interesting to see for the person who has just completed the game is a topdown picture of the map and the route/path they have taken

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JohnnyMaverik Jan 10 2010, 1:11pm said:

Fantastic other than the ending which was a bit confusing, I kept trying to follow the bell after the jig but never got there... now I'm here I see you weren't mean't to from other comments. Maybe the end could have been clearer... but other than that absolutely fantastic.

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prator Nov 25 2009, 9:47pm said:

The Jig marks the end of the game, right? 'Cause I spent a few minutes just listening to the ambient noises afterwards, wondering if the Blind Monks had abandoned me...

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awesomepossum Dec 26 2009, 5:58pm replied:

they have abandoned you :P and it is the end.

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Whizzard Sep 9 2013, 1:49am replied:

You can reproduce the gameplay video with just a few simple steps!

Step 1: Close your eyes.

There you go!

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