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The Battles of Gondor aim is to try to bring back the fun that bfme1 made. This mod is for Rise of the Witch King. Factions: Rohan - Plenty of cavalry units, with some infantry support and strong heros to lead them. Minas Tirith - A well balenced side, with heavily armoured infantry. Souther Fiefdoms - A huge seletion of infantry with limited but strong cavalry. Elves - Plenty of archer units with some skilled swordsmen. Mordor - Plenty of orc and troll units, numbers is their strength. Isengard - Orcs and wild men are now isengards early game units, with plenty of uruks for late gameplay. Evil Men - Plenty of stealth and assasins make up part of their army. the rest is taken up by their huge infantry devisions. As this is a war in the south mod, Dwarves, Goblins and Angmar have been replaced. So you could call this a total conversion. Every faction has plenty of new units and heros and reskins. i have given everything a "makeover".


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