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An entire mod developed in a week. Is it possible? We just proved it was. An enjoyable mix of ego-shooters, fast-based CTF gameplay and team base attack/defend.

The progress is available on the Facepunch thread.

Review RSS Feed Add review MarkLeong1997 says
10 MarkLeong1997

Great Mod!

Dragondx11 says
10 Dragondx11

Great mod! Really enjoyed it... For being made it one week it's better than a lot of MP mods out =P

CWalkthroughs says
10 CWalkthroughs

I helped develop this!

jo291 says
10 jo291

This mod is A TON of fun!

VioletStar says
8 VioletStar

Awesome progress for 1 week!

JoeySkylynx says
9 JoeySkylynx


Kamern says
10 Kamern

Working on this mod was a lot of fun and it's very polished for the time it took to make. Nice job guys.

Dominichax says
10 Dominichax


DarkRaidor says
10 DarkRaidor

all this in only 1week!

sade1212 says
10 sade1212

A great community futuristic TF2 like game filled with epic awesome sauce filling.

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