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Greetings outlander, now you are entering my profile, so, obey or die. Really. lol. Actually, I have nothing to say here, just search for what you are looking for, and thanks for visiting my profile, if you want to know more about me, talk to me and you will see that i'm not special.

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0 comments by xXMaNiAcXx on Jan 16th, 2013

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night stranger! Not sure when you'll be reading this or who will be reading this, but who cares, let's just talk about what I'm listening to right now!
So, everyone probably already knows about my passion for music, and that I had really bad taste for that. Or it wasn't really THAT bad, but yeah, it wasn't that good either. Life goes on, things change, and that's exactly what happened to me and my taste for music.  
Hold on a bit... I guess I've never really talked about my taste for music here. I really NEVER told any of you (at least not here, maybe in chats) about what I listen. Just posted a random song or another that was stuck into my head. So, here goes.

Ever since I was a young kid name Gabriel (as if I wasn't anymore), a cousin of mine introduced me to Rock'n Roll and that's what I started to listen, as means of escaping from what people usually listen in my country (there's this genre called "sertanejo" here, which would be close to country in a way, but in a really bad way. Let's just put it as crap). Started out as that, but ended up being what I loved. Started with System of a Down, Evanescence and some other crap like that, which I still even listen to from times to times.
Then it changed. From 2008 to 2010 I started to listen to some electronic stuff, even dubstep and Drum & Bass got in the fun. Were bad times. I can't listen to those anymore (Ok, maybe Pendulum.), and I really never liked dubstep, but that was just something I did to break up with what I liked and try to get more social with people, listening to what they liked on those days.

Crisis. That's what happened. I just (yeah, out of sudden), decided that society sucked and that I should break with that. Thrash metal got in my life, as well as my taste changed to like something heavier and looked up into Folk Metal and stuff. Ensiferum is a good band (and look at that name! "Sword Bearer"! IT'S EPIC!). But that didn't really last long. 
My friends weren't much into that, and at least on high-school you gotta have someone to talk to, else, boredom takes over and you just get fucked up by the depressive place high-school is. At least in Brazil.

My friends were into rock. Some of them liked Guns'n Roses, others Led Zeppelin. Some of them played the guitar and loved the way Hendrix or Clapton done it, so that's how they chose what they wanted to listen.
I played the guitar once, but wasn't much into that, so I didn't really pay much attention to that. All I wanted was something to calm down, something to chill and enjoy, maybe even something to sing along. I started to listen to Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Daft Punk, ZZ Top (booyah for my cowboy who introduced this one to me - our lovely Matty). Started with that, then got into some different stuff, more blues-ish, like B.B. King, Yardbirds, Elf. From Blues, got to some pretty mixed up tastes, like Pink Floyd, The Doors, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Chicago... And that's what I listen to now.

I think that people should often try changing what they listen to, because the beauty in music is not to love one band or one genre deeply, but to have new experiences, try different stuff out (come on, it's not something that will end your life like drugs), and then see how wrong you were in liking something that, maybe, wasn't that good.

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Héllalujah! Jan 2 2013, 4:10pm said:

Hello there =D =P XD

+2 votes     reply to
xXMaNiAcXx Jan 5 2014, 9:28pm replied:


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xXMaNiAcXx Dec 6 2012, 9:40am said:


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hogsy Jun 22 2012, 10:10am said:


(also log in more often >:c)

+2 votes     reply to
xXMaNiAcXx May 17 2012, 9:11pm said:

Hmm. I really should come back here.

+4 votes     reply to
AUG_DUDE Nov 27 2011, 8:14pm said:

Yep, he's dead

+4 votes     reply to
TalonDuCouteau Oct 9 2011, 1:59am said:

R.I.P :3

+2 votes     reply to
TalonDuCouteau Oct 6 2011, 5:02am said:

*keeps hitting you with a stick*

+3 votes     reply to
TalonDuCouteau Oct 4 2011, 4:32am said:

*wears Nazi Uniform,Is Dr.Edward Richtofen* YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DONE! *bashes you with a stick*

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TalonDuCouteau Oct 3 2011, 4:38am said:

*pokes you with a stick* .3.

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