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Company of Heroes PC game modification, Advanced Squad Leader Game players will enjoy the game modifications of Enhanced Combat Leader: Beyond Overlord because it uses the old avalon hill board game Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) rules data for game codebase to create the old board game feel with 3D RTS game play mechanics.

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  • Enhanced Combat Leader: Beyond Overlord ver.2.9.1
  • Enhanced Combat Leader: Beyond Overlord ver.2.9.1
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Enhanced Combat Leader: Beyond Overlord ver.2.9.1
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wolff69 Jun 6 2009, 1:29pm said:

Enhanced Combat Leader: Historical Accuracy

Enhanced Combat Leader places a lot of emphasis on historic accuracy, realism, and dynamic tactical combat. I want players to have a dynamic game experience that will enable them to play tactically oriented games where they rely on cover to screen their troops from fire and try to evade enemy detection by maneuvering their forces around the battlefield and ambush their enemy with a lethal concentrated automatic firepower and coordinated artillery strikes. As players move their units around the battlefield the emphasis is placed on detection and engagement of enemy concentrations of infantry and destroying them, gaining territorial control becomes very important also in Enhanced Combat Leader because it provides resources which are vital to expanding a players core forces but the most successful players will balance territorial control with consistent combat against enemy forces in order to gain vital combat experience from fighting the enemy to earn enough command points which will unlock access to more abilities and special units to further expand and upgrade their core forces.

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The Game Modification

This mod makes extensive modifications to the Company of Heroes game in fact the change-log that I have posted only shows a fraction of the changes that im making to the game. when the first release of the game is ready I will also post the tactics guide that will allow players to better understand the new game features that my modification makes available to players. I will be hosting the Enhanced Combat Leader game modification on filefront and provide two download options:

1. the first option packages the mod in one complete package for highbandwith downloads.
2. the second breaks the mod up into several smaller components for lowbandwith downloads.

that way anyone with an internet connection can download the Enhanced Combat Leader modification for the Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts game.

Jun 6th, 2009
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