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Chris joined Sep 27, 2010

My name is Chris and I am the director, producer and lead designer at Team Craft Games Ltd. Leaving a career in high street banking Chris enrolled at Salford University to pursue a passion for video game design. Chris graduated with a first class honours B.Sc. in Computer and Video Game Design, it was during the last year of this process that the TCGames development team was established. Chris now leads the team currently producing their first title Velisia: A Traitors Legacy, the. As well as managing the daily operations at the TCGames studio situated at the Sharp Complex Manchester, he is also deeply involved with the design and development cycle of the games produced by the team.

Current Projects

No engines, games or mods appear to be in development by ChrisWilson. We suggest you add engines, games and mods you are developing (or join development groups which are working on engines, games and mods and all of the groups projects will then be listed here). You can also start your own development group, invite members to it and link all of the engine, game and mod projects you are working on to it.

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