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Posted by ssokolow on Jun 1st, 2012

As my brother commented, Humble Indie Bundle V is one of the juiciest Humble Bundles in a while but, as with so many others, still no Desura keys. (Though their support for the Ubuntu Software Center is an interesting experiment for those of us who happen to use Ubuntu)

My advice for other Desura users is to follow the links to each publisher's website and send some variation on this message via their contact formsĀ (condensed for easy copy-paste to DoubleFine's Twitter):

@deitarion wrote:Withholding last 10% of my intended HiB5 payment until I get Desura keys. I don't use Steam and won't always use Ubuntu Linux.

If they do give you a Desura key, use the " increase your order amount" link on your Humble Bundle page and use the sliders to direct the new payment specifically to the developer who deserves it.

(It's probably also a good idea to mention if, even with the 10% reduction, you still beat all the averages. I forgot to tell them that and I worry they might jump to the wrong conclusion about how much I paid.)

ifss Jun 2 2012, 8:12am said:

Good post - I took your advice, and followed it up with contact details here: Desura.com

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