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0 comments by sm(terminator) on Apr 7th, 2012

Controversy and games appear to skip hand in hand, first we had manhunt then EA has been f***ing it up for gamers everywhere. seriously EA stop doing all that crazy s**t with your marketing, Dante's Inferno had 'sin to win' and dead space 2 just had a trailer showing clips from DS2 to mothers, and what is with calling one medal of honors multi-player teams 'the Taliban'. I don't hate that you decided to call it that what I hate is that you caved in the moment someone protested. I am a huge believer in freedom of speech but it seems like video games are being left behind, basic instinct had a woman murdering men who she is sleeping with on screen, and naked, but mass effect gets huge outcry for having one 2 minute scene with barely any visible nudity. What... The... F***! Honestly..., but to my knowledge the first scene of controversy I know of is of a school shooting that occurred in america in the 90s. A horrific tragedy but then it was found that one of the bas****s used to play Doom. suddenly thousands of people began to believe that he had been manipulated by doom. the truth with most of these events is that those involved usually have mental problems (if that is the correct term) and games cannot make anyone murder their fellow school mates.
Many incredibly successful award winning films and novels have been created about the holocaust, but games are not allowed to jump on the band wagon. a game playing as a member of a Jewish resistance could, if properly made (so EA hands off), be turned into a highly emotional experience. Epic games could take this because one scene in Gears Of War 2 truly made me cry, but try to make it less focused on run and gun and more sad and story based. I am so going to get banned because of that paragraph but do you understand my point, the birdcage is a incredibly funny movie about a gay couple but the moment a video game includes the possibility of a gay or lesbian relationship then everyone goes bats**t crazy. If you agree or disagree then be welcome to comment but don't try to say 'you should be banned' because if you do the whole freedom of speech idea goes out the window. Thank you for reading.

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