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Star wars foc coder, mapper ,unofficial voice actor for mod projects and Beta Tester. Also Actor in-training, look out for me in the future

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  • Scrubs Memes :)
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  • something i am working on
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0 comments by nowhere3pro on Jun 2nd, 2013

For the next few weeks I won't be active much on moddb, due to a combination of me starting my own mod project, getting work done in for my first year of uni ,a very busy personal life, A project at my local theatre and work. If I do come on-line, I will most probably be coming on-line to get models, resources and to ask permission for certain assets. Hopefully when I come back on-line you guys can see the beginnings of my new Mod.


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Kark-Jocke Jan 1 2014, 7:09pm said:

Happy new year! nowhere3pro - Desura.com

+1 vote     reply to
nowhere3pro Jan 2 2014, 1:30pm replied:

Happy new year to you as well :)

+1 vote     reply to
Kark-Jocke Dec 25 2013, 9:31am said:

Merry Christmas: nowhere3pro - Toptenzpictures.com

+1 vote     reply to
delta289 Jul 23 2013, 6:42pm said:

Yeah you can post the article its fine with me (you should be able to post articles, i don't recall setting it so members couldn't)

also i cant wait to see your Bakura map

+1 vote     reply to
CaptainRegor May 20 2013, 6:38pm said:

You do relize that we are as passionate about Star Wars as 13 year old girls are for Justin Bieber right? :)

Wanna beat me in Empire At War anytime soon? My Steam is CaptainRegor

+2 votes     reply to
nowhere3pro May 24 2013, 2:13pm replied:

perhaps, currently playing battlefront 2 at the moment but when I do get back to foc i might do :)

+1 vote     reply to
CaptainRegor Feb 13 2013, 7:05pm said:

Glad to hear you're pleased!

+2 votes     reply to
CaptainRegor Feb 13 2013, 7:11pm replied: +2 votes     reply to
Kark-Jocke Dec 31 2012, 7:59pm said:

Happy New Year, nowhere3pro !!!

+2 votes     reply to
nowhere3pro Jan 1 2013, 6:17pm replied:

Thanks, Same to you :)

+1 vote     reply to
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