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Hello everyone! My name is Curtis, but my nickname that I kept since I was 8 is "Mac". I am a big fan of sci-fi and anything to do with technology and space. When time permits, I love playing games... If I had to choose which style of gaming is my favorite, I couldn't say. I would put RTS, 1st-person, and RPG as the top 3, but I suppose that covers a good percentage of all the games! What I also really like to do on my spare time is create maps for pc games, mainly for the C&C series but sometimes for the AoE series - I can thank RA95 for this map-building addiction! I don't have any experience with modding, though. Lately (as in the last few years, off & on, when I have time) my time for playing has been devoted to building maps for C&C3. Why this game? Because this game has a such an awesome mod that I have great respect for and thoroughly enjoy... It's called: Tiberium Essence.

  • Emerald Rainstorm
  • Emerald Rainstorm
  • Wild Animal Park
  • Wild Animal Park
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1 comment by .Mac. on Jun 3rd, 2013

Okay Tiberium Essence fans: It's my pleasure to reveal 4 maps that I would eventually like to share with everyone for this mod, exclusively (take a look at the 8 new pics). I had wanted to upload images showing these maps earlier this year, but these last few months, especially, have been quite chaotic and busy for me (I'm still recovering from the unfortunate events that occurred around me not long ago, but I'm doing better). So finally, with a little determination, I found the time needed to polish these particular maps up to where I'm satisfied and willing to show them.

I really hope you like what you see in these so far :) With the eventual TE 1.52 release, there will inevitably be changes on these maps (ranging from subtle to big), but for the most part, I suspect this is how each will look. Because these maps are dependent on the new assets featured in TE 1.52, I'm having to just tease you with these images, just until some time after 1.52 is released - I hope you're all as excited to play the next version of TE as I am! :D

FortressMaximus Dec 25 2013, 10:24am said:

My best wishes for a merry Christmas and happy new year!

+2 votes     reply to
FortressMaximus Oct 2 2013, 1:52am said:

Happy birthday, greatest man!!!!

+2 votes     reply to
.Mac. Oct 18 2013, 4:12pm replied:

Thank you, my friend XD

+2 votes     reply to
FortressMaximus Jan 1 2013, 3:27am said:

Happy new year!

+2 votes     reply to
FortressMaximus Nov 11 2012, 4:00am said:

Hi, do you have received my last message?

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Hijacker Aug 14 2012, 1:18pm said:

Well first of all let me just say that Ra2 and YR is favorite C&C game of all time and I like lots of map from that game. But if I were to pick 3 I say..


While there is one bay of pigs remake for C&C3 but TBH its kinda poorly made. Also seeing that your making this for TE I hope you make use of the tiberium fauna and flora when making this maps. Cheers :)

+1 vote     reply to
.Mac. Aug 14 2012, 4:30pm replied:

Perfect, those images are very helpful Hijacker! I like those maps too, especially Wild Animal Park :)

+1 vote     reply to
Hijacker Aug 9 2012, 3:56pm said:

Hi, I'm here to say HOLY **** that is a lot of awesome maps! I really love the Ra2 remakes ones. :D

+3 votes     reply to
.Mac. Aug 9 2012, 5:30pm replied:

Thank you Hijacker! :D

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