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0 comments by Meraqel on Jul 2nd, 2012


The Stargate Mod

Mafia Titanic Mod

Lost Alpha


Black Mesa

Black mesa

R Moddb.com  Black Mesa Uplink

R Moddb.com Black Mesa Surface Tension Uncut

WIP Moddb.com Black Mesa On a Rail Uncut
+ Moddb.com  ?? -> rel
WIP Moddb.com Black Mesa Insecurity

H λ L F - L I F E:

λ Moddb.com Half-Life: ESCAPE

λ Moddb.com  Black Mesa Sideline

λ Moddb.com Tactical Espionage Action

R - Moddb.com The Challenger Deep 2

- Moddb.com Nohra's Concealment/TBD

- Moddb.com  Monorail Quest/TBD

- Moddb.com Fight For Life 2/TBD

- Moddb.com  Town 17

- Moddb.com  Residual Life
(i must force myself to play this.  -_-)
- Moddb.com Meanwhile In Russia

Moddb.com Blue Shift: Reassignment

H λ L F - L I F E 2:
Devkit: Moddb.com

Best hl2mod:
λ Moddb.com Research and Development
λ Moddb.com Black Mesa/ (without Xen)


λ Moddb.com Black Mesa (Half-Life)/ (without Xen)
- Moddb.com Operation Black Mesa (Opposing Force)/TBD
- Moddb.com Guard Duty (Blue Shift)/TBD
- Moddb.com Hazard Team (HL:Decay)/TBD
- Half-life2?

Meanwhile Youtube.com Half-Life 2: Update Mod – Version 2.0


λ Moddb.com Insolance

- Moddb.com Dark Interval/TBD

- Moddb.com Missing Information  ---->/Released 1.6/TBD->1st episode.

λ Moddb.com  Depot

-------------------------------------------------------------------7hWar/Fun Continuation
λ Moddb.com Opposing Force 2 ---->/Released Demo/TBD-> Whole

- Moddb.com Seven

-------------------------------------------------------------------Half-life 2
λ Moddb.com Jutomaa ---->/Released <-whole? I hope not :]

λ Moddb.com Random 17 ---->/Released <-whole

λ Moddb.com Estranged ---->/Released <-whole? I hope not :]

λ Moddb.com Call In ---->/Released

- Moddb.com The Revenge/TBD

λ Moddb.com Minerva ---->/Released <-whole

R Moddb.com Riot Act ---->/Released <-whole

R Moddb.com Eye of the Storm ---->/Released <-whole

R Moddb.com Project 25 ---->/Released <-whole

- Moddb.com Momentum/TBD

- Moddb.com Anti-Citizen/TBD

- Moddb.com Conspiracy/TBD

R Moddb.com The Citizen part II---->/Released

- Moddb.com Triage/TBD

- Moddb.com Logistique/TBD

- Moddb.com Combine Destiny 2/TBD

-------------------------------------------------------------------Half-life 2 Ep1
λ Moddb.com Dengerus World ---->/Released <-whole

λ Moddb.com Sebastian ---->/Released <-whole

- Moddb.com The Returning/TBD

- Moddb.com City 17 Episode 1/TBD

-------------------------------------------------------------------Half-life 2 Ep2
λ Moddb.com Mission Improbable ---->/ Released <-whole

λ Moddb.com Dengerus World 2 ---->/Released Demo/TBD-> Whole.

λ Moddb.com Union ---->/Released <-whole

R Moddb.com Silent Escape/Released

R Moddb.com Spherical Nightmares

R Moddb.com Outpost16  ---->/Released <-whole

R Moddb.com Precursor ---->/Released <-whole

R Moddb.com Overheid ---->/Released <-1of7

- Moddb.com Southernmost Combine/TBD

- Moddb.com Down Fall/TBD

- Moddb.com The Northern Resistance/TBD

- Moddb.com  Fall of the Combine/TBD (Suspended ->Infra)

- Moddb.com Sabotage/TBD

- Moddb.com Muterunaway/TBD

- Moddb.com HL2EP2 : Enhanced/TBD

- Moddb.com SMOD:Opposing Force/TBD

λ Moddb.com Wilson Chronicles ---->/Released Demo/TBD-> Whole.

R Moddb.com Provenance ---->/Released <-Whole (broken)
R Moddb.com Mesa Fallback ---->/Released <-Whole

- Moddb.com Operation Lambda/TBD

- Moddb.com Black Operations/TBD

D Moddb.com Dark Energy/Probably Dead

λ Moddb.com Synegry ---->/Released <-Whole

R Moddb.com Overwatch

S T A R G Å T E:

Å Moddb.com Stargate : The Last Stand  ---->/Released <-Whole

- Moddb.com The Stargate Mod/TBD

- Moddb.com STARGATE SPACE CONFLICT/ Jul 6, 2012

Å Moddb.com Cs Stargate Maps

Å Moddb.com Stargate Mod: War Begins   ---->/Released <-Whole

- Moddb.com Starcry/TBD

- Moddb.com  Stargate for BF2

- Moddb.com  Stargate network


- Moddb.com Repercussions TBD
Youtube.com (holy shit!)


Moddb.com  - Mass Effect 1 Updated Textures
O T H E R:

λ Moddb.com DayHard ---->/Released <-whole

- www.indiedb.com/games/raindrop Raindrop

- Moddb.com Tales from the Galactopticon

- Moddb.com Ivan's Secrets

- Moddb.com Canavas

- Moddb.com Crossroads Episode I

- Moddb.com Infra

- Moddb.com Mass Effect: Dawn of the Reapers

- Moddb.com Zeitgeist

- Moddb.com Jurassic Life

- Moddb.com For Hire

- Moddb.com Acomnadation

R Moddb.com Inugrency

λ Moddb.com Cry of Fear ---->/Released <-whole

R Moddb.com Head Tracking

- Moddb.com Star Wars: The New Era

- Moddb.com Everything Dies


- Moddb.com Mafia Titanic Mod

- Moddb.com Lost Alpha

- Moddb.com Angels Fall First: Planetstorm

- Moddb.com Halo: Starside Intercept

- Moddb.com Infinity: The Quest for Earth

- Moddb.com Prison Island

- Moddb.com CryRecon:NanoWarrior
- Moddb.com Codename: Dead Bird
- Moddb.com Task Force Black

- Moddb.com Outerra Engine

|Probably Dead:
- Moddb.com The Rising/ (hope dies last )

- Moddb.com Tear

- Moddb.com Divide by Zero

- Moddb.com Shift

|Graveyard: [`] [`] [`]

Moddb.com Petrograd
Moddb.com Lost Hope
Moddb.com Portal: Combat
Moddb.com Offline: Source
Moddb.com Derelict
Moddb.com Coverfield Source
Moddb.com Terminator Apocalypse

Meraqel Apr 19 2012, 11:14pm said:

[spoiler ]cos[/spoiler ]

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