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Matriarch entertainment is a game / application company located in Sweden. Matriarch Entertainment targets Android, Linux, Windows & Mac platforms.

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0 comments by Matriarch on Jan 30th, 2013

Need a keygen for Desura?

We needed 10k keys for a game bundle, and uploading an .csv file containing all the keys to Desura was urgently needed.

Desuras own "Desura-Invite-CSV-Generator.xls" didn't work!
Now, don't get things wrong, we like Desura or else, we would not sell our games here and create tools such as this to help other developers who had problems with generating keys.

Anyway, we fired it up, enabled the macros, but still got som wierd run-time errors, and simply thought it a waste of time to find out why, when we could write our own keygen faster than it would take to sort out what was wrong.

Also, using the Example3.csv, adding 10k rows of ",,,"  is bad!, Really bad! Why?.. well you don't want to copy-paste 10k keys from desura down to a .txt /.xls document: it will take HOURS.

So what do you need then? - Our generator!

Friendly keygen program for all developers on Desura

First of all.. everyone is suspicious these days! So what do we do to counter that? Simple! Give the source code as well!

We've added the sourcecode to the .zip file as well, so if you believe that we are conducting some kind of  conspiracy against you, and will try to steal your game keys when you use the program, simply compile it your self, if you don't trust the provided .exe, disassemble it if you like ;)

What does the Desura Keygen do?
The keygen only creates desura keys which won't be sent to an email. (Read the csv instructions from Desura if you don't know what this means)

Creates as many keys as you like in no time at all!
Running the exe, and entering the desired number of keys will give you all the keys you need in no time at all, ready to be uploaded to Desura.

Game Bundles will ask you for 10k-?00k  keys, and you need to be able to create them, and at the same time store them as a user friendly .txt file, which you can send to the Bundle makers.

The program generates 3 files:

1. The file which you upload to Desura to add tons of keys at once.

2. All the keys on one line each:

3. All keys on one line each, but numbered:
1.    xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
2.    xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

Where can I Download the program?

Right here, with source code as well.:
Download ->Desura Keygen 1.0 by Matriarch Entertainment <-

Happy Key Generating! :)

Matriarch Jan 29 2013, 2:01pm said:

No. It's a completely different game, with a new unique concept which we haven't seen before.

+1 vote     reply to
POStudios Jan 29 2013, 12:04pm said:

will it be like forcelight?

+1 vote     reply to
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