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I'm an avid Command and Conquer fan, and am watching something like 60-70 promising mods for C&C or related games! Besides being a fan, I am the head Particle Artist for Red Alert 3 Paradox, and I occasionally make concept art for kicks and giggles. If you want to reach me, just leave a comment or send a PM my way, and I'll be happy to respond.

  • Grenades
  • Ranch Hand (ARVN Agent Orange Protocol)
  • Longbow Missiles Particle FX
  • Aircraft Carrier Blackout Missile Particle FX

No blog entries have been posted here. Boring yes, but as confucius says - if you have nothing good to say, why say anything at all? Check back later, perhaps something exciting will pop-up and be worth blogging about, like season 3 of the teletubbies.

Speak your mind, rant about games, mods and the development scene, it's simple and who knows maybe someone will read it and agree. It will feel right!

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exalted40000 Sep 29 2011, 7:29am said:


watch it. Hilarious!

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Admiral-165 Jun 18 2011, 12:51pm said:

I appreciate your comment on the westwood image on the CNC "fan" group... indeed i've been trying to tell people that for a long time, I even wrote some news about it before, but it was archived :P Why don't people just move on...

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CommanderDG May 31 2011, 1:02am said:

Please make more troll science I enjoy them!

+1 vote     reply to
Joshh May 31 2011, 11:00pm replied:

But ... but ... I'm actually starting to work on real mod stuff now! :P

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█Black/Brunez█ Dec 9 2010, 7:43pm said:

Your Xmas avatar is pretty much good. Too sad it was messed up a bit on the re-sizing. =/

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V.Metalic Sep 22 2010, 3:56pm said:

Maybe I am planning to make a mod from it. For ZH. As for the "for each country different set, I am not sure about it. Allies will have 4× more models than Soviets, and there are few units which dont belongs to one of the 4 countries. Also I dont know how to solve it with factories and air fields for them. There is a lot of things I must think about.

They are supposed to be low-poly, because they are (or I tink they are) kinda small, and I dont want to make a skins, thats why I use models to make insignias. Its much harder than you think :)

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GearsGoAwryMan Aug 20 2010, 4:34am said:

that's how i ended up to :/

had problems with 2, blew through 1, and got caught by the rain in 3 (didn't bother to finish yet.)

metroid prime hunters also was kinda hard on me. but it worked out in the end. (metroid on ds)

oh, and if you keep trying, everything is possible! the spider guardian is after some practice not that hard, study his route and work out the perfect plan. only the lat run of the fight requires some luck.

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GearsGoAwryMan Aug 17 2010, 4:08am said:

oh, and by the way:

chyka larva: use super missiles, kills easily

adult: blast away with supermissiles, and get it with light beam when dark, the trick is to keep on the platform.

he's hard, but if you try long enough, you'll get futher!

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GearsGoAwryMan Aug 17 2010, 4:02am said:

why yes!

metroid prime 2 was the first i played, so that's why it's probably my favorite (i haven't played it out yet, but i came close and will try again one time (hate dark samus))

i played out metroid prime 1 in 1 go without dying. (we lended it from a friend)

and we recently got the trilogy for the wii (didn't play out number 3 yet, my little brother did, but i'm used to the gamecube controls.)

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GearsGoAwryMan Aug 17 2010, 4:04am replied:

B T W: nearly all metroid prime bosfights are epic ;)

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