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GRM is an indie development team, making games for the PC and Mobile platforms

Blog RSS Report abuse War of Finland - Showreel for the graphics

0 comments by GameRealmMadness on Dec 15th, 2017

War of Finland - Showreel for the graphics

Showcasing our new project - Years of Danger : War of Finland. It's an immersive topdown shooter, set in a WWII environment

Report abuse HazManiac is Ready!

0 comments by GameRealmMadness on Jun 25th, 2015

Snapshot 6

HAZMANIAC is a fast-paced arcade shooter for the Android. As the first title by GRM, we tried to create as wacky and fun action game as possible for the smart phone. 
You are a mad scientist named Dr. Volta andyour mission is to protect your tech fortress from the invading soldiers, tanks and planes. You can upgrade your health, shield and fortress along the way. You can also buy three different types of special weapons as you level up. HazManiac is a game of high hazard and intense battles. BLAM!"

Now this game project is ready to Play!

Report abuse HazManiac is almost here

0 comments by GameRealmMadness on Jun 24th, 2015

HazManiac Is Almost Here!!After 3 months developin. Our mobilegame project is under final exporting in right mode. In few days we can finaly publish this project.
Lets celebrate this! 

Now we´ve big bundle very different style projects for HTML5, Windows and Android platforms.

Report abuse HazManiac is under final developing

0 comments by GameRealmMadness on Jun 4th, 2015

CFJssdeUgAAwqkyOur project HazManiac is almost ready to publishing. Just making tutorials, music and sfx. Publishing happens at GooglePlay. In the meantime this big project we´ve done little mini games bundle SummerGames.portretlogo672x400Here starts GRM summer. Our biggest mobile game project HazManiac is under final developing. 
SG gives more speed to projects. It was quite bit funny to do these light mini games.

SG bundle includes 5 mini games. Almost arcade and skill games.

Published on Google Play.

More about HazManiac and other projects at
Thanks and a good summer to you!hockeybuilderhuntspeedtestgolf

Report abuse GRM proudly presents new project HazManiac.

0 comments by GameRealmMadness on Apr 24th, 2015

GRM proudly presents new project HazManiac.

  • Project: HazManiac
  • Platform: Android
  • Engine: Clicteam Fusion 2.5
  • Genre: Indie sidescroller action platformer
  • Developers: GRM & JokinenHarri 

...At this moment there is no more info...

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