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Patrick joined Jun 1, 2013

Lead developer at Peculiar Games. Who am I kidding!? I'm the ONLY dev there - just trying to make some interesting games in unusual genres and hope people out there enjoy them.

Blog RSS Report abuse Not a PC game, but Earthbound is still awesome

0 comments by espectra on Jul 18th, 2013

Back in 2006, three things were key in converting me from a lapsed gamer back into an active gamer:

  • long train commutes to work
  • the Nintendo DS Lite
  • the Mother 1+2 GBA re-issue

What the heck is Mother 1+2 you ask? Well Mother is the name of an amazing and quirky classic Japanese RPG series first released for the SNES, then for the GBA. Why am I posting about it? Because today it's out for the Wii U under a name more recognized in the west, Earthbound.

After playing the Mother series, I moved on to the Japanese console roguelike games (Shiren the Wanderer) but I think it was Earthbound that showed me the potential for role-playing games and the importance of whimsy and disregard for following current norms or cliches in the video game industry.

Have a look at the trailer here: 

Now if they'd just release a PC version on Desura...

BTW Satoru Iwata (current president & CEO of Nintendo) worked on the game "back in the day" as a programmer and co-producer :)

Report abuse Let's Play video of The Vial Trial

0 comments by espectra on Jul 17th, 2013

I made another Developer Let's Play video - this time going through the bonus dungeon called The Vial Trial.

WARNING: this whole video is a big SPOILER because the unlocking mechanism is supposed to be a surprise. The video is also quite long (21 minutes).

But with that said, have a look here...

Report abuse Still more Let's Play videos

0 comments by espectra on Jul 15th, 2013

FlyingShisno did an extensive run through the starter dungeon in Voyage to Farland. It includes one of the most amazing escapes possible (back from HP=1) at about 1 minute into Part 5 of this 5 part playlist!


Report abuse The Thatched Hamlet from Voyage to Farland

0 comments by espectra on Jul 14th, 2013

Yesterday I posted to the blog with a couple of Dev Let's Play videos from my roguelike game. I originally got the idea from an episode of the RoguelikeRadio podcast.

So this morning I'm continuing with Part 3 of the series.

It starts in The Thatched Hamlet - which is a bit of nostalgia from my time in Japan and interest in their traditional thatched house building techniques. In fact, the name of the starter dungeon in Voyage to Farland is borrowed from Iya Gorge mentioned in that link.

This video today shows some gameplay from there on through Twilight Stream and The Red Forest and I touch on some things I like in video games (especially indie games)  like whimsy, easter eggs and deviating from expectations (cliches?) of a genre.

Give it a watch!

Report abuse Dev Let's Play videos of Voyage to Farland

0 comments by espectra on Jul 13th, 2013

The idea came up on a recent RoguelikeRadio episode that developers should make Let's Play videos of their own games. I've actually already done a series highlighting The Path of No Return (the hardcore dungeon) in Voyage to Farland, but there was no commentary and it's all a long spoiler video anyway.

However, I wanted to test out recording video and commentary separately so I threw together a couple of videos today. They aren't super exciting, but it was fun to test out the technology - Hypercam for the video and Audacity for the commentary audio.

Have a look at them here:

Hopefully I'll get a chance soon to make some videos of the harder dungeon floors in the game!

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