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this was a decent site untill a brit [drunkard] named miunit kept calling me names and i labeled him a drunken grit because i think europeans suck

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5 comments by ÐiamonÐ on Dec 17th, 2011

I'm all for understanding another perspective; it's typically the only way to reconcile differences or at the very least comprehend why people believe what they believe. What I find baffling is the sheer incorrigibility within certain individuals who do not even go as far as to step into another man or woman's shoes, and immediately judge them on face value.

Some of you may be familiar with the recent Xmas Indie Bundle released here on Mod DB. It's not a topic that recently became relevant here, but has come to the point where our mass media is giving way to describe how them "damn liberals" are tearing apart Christianity by removing "Christ" from Christmas.

Truth be told: whether we like it or not, Christian values are well imbedded into our legal and punitive systems. People say "Jesus Christ" not in admiration of a son of God, but because they just witnessed something staggering. It's a figure of speech that makes no ulterior intention of referencing religion.

So here, we have traits in our criminal justice system and in our vocabulary. Does this correlation of having all these qualities of "referring" to Christ tacit approval for the causation that we believe in Christianity?

Absolutely not.

What people need to understand, by now, is that Christmas has become, more and more, a non-religious holiday. It's a day where you spend time with your family under sheets of snow plummeting your yard, exchanging gifts and considerations toward others. It's a day of love, where you get together with family and friends and enjoy the company of others. It's now a part of culture.

How do some Christians view Christianity? A day of remembrance to their Savior and the only son of God: Jesus. No doubt, we should respect religion. Perhaps we may not believe other people's belief structures, but that in no way leads passage to intolerance and the use of personal attacks. And, you know what? Christians can do what they please on their day of remembrance. No disrepect.

However, the populous who believes their religion is being attacked for being called Xmas is projecting utter baloney. There is a time and place to hold questioning to a use of rhetoric, and this is certainly not the time nor place. As stated before: Christmas is seen by most as a day with family. It's a part of culture to Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans, Atheists, and the likes. Simply because one is involved in the day of great gift giving and a feast with turkey does not mean a Bible verse will be read in each home.

People need to understand: we are a pluralistic society. We are composed of peoples with a variety of belief structures. And those belief structures, despite what some of you may think, are not ideals of separation or violence. We can sit together and appreciate our differences, and understand that fighting over the use of "Christ" is ignorant. Who cares if people use the word Christ, and who cares if you don't? This should not lead astray from what truly matters: Christmas is a time to get together with your close companions and appreciate life. Our diversity should be celebrated. And if you feel the darn "media leftists" are striking down on faith, maybe you should consider that the world isn't a target range; not everyone's out to "get you." Paranoia is what sums up the recent debacle of the "Xmas" debate.

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D3ads Dec 24 2012, 10:27am said:

Happy christmas, Ashiq!

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FestiveLuna Oct 3 2012, 12:02am said:

Are you still working on blue shift reassignment?

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FestiveLuna Aug 22 2012, 9:37am said:

Do you take requests?

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_Erebus_ Jun 25 2012, 10:56pm said:

your bio
"i labeled him a drunken grit"
i misread this as "drunken gift" at first
minuit is a drunken gift. CHERISH HIM.

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RedFog May 26 2012, 10:51am said:

You share the same member bio with minuit?

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Sporkeh Apr 3 2012, 8:37pm said:


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Sliderp Apr 4 2012, 4:09pm replied:


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gm381 Mar 16 2012, 6:24am said:


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ÐiamonÐ Mar 30 2012, 1:38pm replied:

I still have a bulk of the files, but it'll likely not to be released at this point due to lack of motivation on my part. Quite honestly, I don't see why anyone would want a HD BS pack at this point in time considering all the new **** being released.

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Briggsman Apr 23 2012, 9:30pm replied:

Can you upload the files anyway? Also lol at your video

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