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My name is Peter and I'm Brazilian. Basically, I try to survive each year by being as sympathetic and insightful as I can. I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, LotR, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, history and a bit of math, besides literature, Football and geography. I also mod Neverwinter Nights 1 and am currently working on the ToaFR saga, besides a few side projects.

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Blog RSS Report abuse A short true story about EVE Online

1 comment by Also_known_as_Peter on Dec 25th, 2011

Player "Cally" won at EVE Online despite it being a massively multiplayer game with no victory condition. Other players earn ISK (game currency) by mining, completing quests or killing each other. Cally, on the other hand, simply asked for it. And it worked, and there was nothing they could do about it. Because while the other losers went into the economy as honest workers, or corporations, he realized he could go in as a bank.Photos.com
The novice mode for illegal profiteering.He spent months running the "EVE Intergalactic Bank (EIB)." This offered loans for start-up EVE corporations and miners who wanted to buy tools, with interest rates and repayment plans and yes, we're still talking about a game people apparently play for fun.
Move over Pac-Man!Cally certainly had fun: He fulfilled the secret fantasy of every bank manager in history, when one day, he walked in and just took all the money. All the money was 790 billion ISK, about $170,000 in real dollars, which he used to become the greatest video game villain of all time. He spent a huge chunk of the money to buy a ridiculously powerful warship, another chunk posting a huge bounty on his own head, then sailed off into space just daring people to kill him.
Something like this -- the biggest middle finger in history.The ultimate dickery? He posted a 15-minute video bragging about how he got away with it, mocking his loyal employees at EIB, enemies who failed to stop him and the suckers who basically paid for a second job -- essentially paying for the right to have their money stolen. Understand: Cally is now officially smarter than every Bond villain put together, because he found a way to give an expository monologue without getting killed.

I got this from Cracked.com! It wasn't written by me, I just thought it to be a nice story I wanted to share.

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Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel Dec 31 2012, 4:41pm said:

Happy New Year, Sir Peter!

+1 vote     reply to
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel Dec 24 2012, 1:00am said:

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, Sir Peter. =)

+1 vote     reply to
CrazyOldTeenager Nov 11 2012, 12:16am said:

Let the siege begin! Send forth the siege towers and the infantry! Cover them with archers and heavy infantry. For the gate, I have a special idea in mind.

BRING UP THE WOLF'S HEAD!! Grond will breach the gate for sure!

+2 votes     reply to
Also_known_as_Peter Nov 11 2012, 8:01am replied:

I will lift this siege. *mounts the dragon* Let's torch this army to the last man.

+2 votes     reply to
CrazyOldTeenager Nov 12 2012, 2:57am replied:

*Nazgul screech frightens your dragon and sends you plummeting to the ground*

Let's see you get out of this one. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

+2 votes     reply to
Also_known_as_Peter Nov 12 2012, 4:44pm replied:

Do you think he's scared of you? It was just a feign! *Dragons come back and bites off the fellbeast's head*

+2 votes     reply to
Burning-X Nov 3 2012, 12:38pm said: Online

Hey, Also_known_as_Peter.

+2 votes     reply to
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel Oct 31 2012, 1:53pm said:

Happy Halloween, Peter :)

So, how are things going?

+3 votes     reply to
Also_known_as_Peter Oct 31 2012, 8:26pm replied:

Pretty good, thanks for asking. There's a legion of little children knocking at my door looking for candy, but hey - we all did that at some point, didn't we? How about you?

+3 votes     reply to
Also_known_as_Peter Sep 1 2012, 7:39pm replied:

Yes, but only recently did it clear up. It must just be a database check, though.

+2 votes     reply to
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