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I am a game developer residing in Los Angele's. I played video games all my life not knowing the true potential of games as an art form. Later on i realized game design was what I wanted to do. I also create levels in my spare time. Coming up with new game mechanics is my favorite part of game design. I love working with teams because we all can bounce ideas off each other easily. My last project was a top down shooter called bullet hell. I worked as a level/game designer. I worked close with programmers to implement new game mechanics. Currently i am working on 2 projects. 1 independent and the other team based. My Team based project is called We are brothers. It is a puzzle game set on a reality game show. My independent game is called Lab ratz. The basic premise is you have to guide the ratz to the exit while obtaining cheese that are placed throughout the level. My design site is: www.aaronkeithburton.weebly.com Feel free to stop by and check out my work. All critiques welcome

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1 comment by BurtonLogic on Aug 18th, 2012


My name is Aaron Burton and I am a game developer interested in creating fun cool new content.
I joined IndieDB because i believe in independent content creation. Of course AAA games are great
but the community is always first. This is where like minded individuals can come together and exchange experiences.

My favorite games are puzzle and action adventure games. I am actually working on a 2D puzzle game as we
speak. I will be posting updates as i go along. Coming up with a game idea and its mechanics are my
favorite parts of game design. Prototyping  is even more exciting. Bug fixing even has its upsides. Coming up with an art direction is a little challenging though. That's basically where i am at right now. I have the basic core function of my game but the art is still under construction.

Ive learned that if its taking you too long to come up with an art concept your wasting time. Art should not
be the main focus. Especially being a one man team.

Anyway i'm glad to be apart of IndieDB. Looking forward to seeing and making some cool games in the future.

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