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I study Mathematics at the Oulu University. I started to experiment how to code for Source on the first year and have failed every course ever since. I also taught myself how to model and animate. Level design has also been close to my heart since the times of Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem 3d.


No blog entries have been posted here. Boring yes, but as confucius says - if you have nothing good to say, why say anything at all? Check back later, perhaps something exciting will pop-up and be worth blogging about, like season 3 of the teletubbies.

Speak your mind, rant about games, mods and the development scene, it's simple and who knows maybe someone will read it and agree. It will feel right!

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otterfiend Feb 20 2012, 4:08am said:

Is there a reason the Human_Error directory from desura came in the he_coop_beta directory? I had to move it out to sourcemods in order to play the single player story. just a heads up.

+2 votes     reply to
VovaS500 Aug 1 2011, 5:43am said:

You're best coder of Source Engine in mine opinion. =) I saw your source code of Human Error and I must to say: "Great work!" =)

+3 votes     reply to
Xen-28 Feb 14 2011, 3:25pm said:

Math suck :O

-2 votes     reply to
AlekZanDer Jun 23 2011, 10:37pm replied:

But God is math. And God rules. Because I am a student in a Hight School of Mathematics (yes, A Hight School of Mathematics, because there are many other schools of this type).

+4 votes     reply to
JonnyBoy0719 Nov 23 2010, 9:42am said:

U ARE AWESOME! (i love your mod Human Error!)

+2 votes     reply to
Simmons Jul 29 2010, 2:57pm said: Online

have you seen gmod idiot box 9?

0 votes     reply to
luther32 May 30 2010, 8:21pm said:

I somehow can't seem to play HumanHerror because when i start the game and it starts the loading screen, it goes blank then it goes away and a box appears sayin "SetupArrayProps_R:array prop'(null)' is index zero". Mind if anybody can help with this problem.

+2 votes     reply to
glenn5willie Feb 18 2010, 7:02pm said:

Finished "Human Error". Absolutely superb!! Does the mod contain "Paradigm Delay" and "Midnight Sun"? If not can I find them somewhere?

+3 votes     reply to
glenn5willie Feb 18 2010, 6:45pm said:

How can a send you a screenshot of something I see?

+2 votes     reply to
glenn5willie Feb 18 2010, 6:39pm said:

What I meant to say---enabling "closed caption" in "commentary' mode helps me understand!

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