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I tend to stare into space when I'm trying to think of ideas... Me? I'm a novice indie game dev currently working on Fountain of Life, a game where you only have seconds left to live and must gather the souls of the dead to survive.

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Posted by AlceX on Feb 23rd, 2014

Recently, I've been working on story. While I'd love to tell you about it, I can't really tell you much without spoiling it... So instead, I'll talk about my story writing process!

The process

1- What is this story about?
The first part is getting a solid idea of what I want the story to be about. It's easy to trust the vague ideas floating around in your head, but writing it down gives you a better perspective on what it really is.
2- How does the story begin and end?
I like to see a story as journey. So, to write it, I need know where this journey starts and where we want to go before I can write the travel inbetween.
3- Break up the story into pieces, and make objectives
I find it useful to start with an overview of the story before getting into details, so I first break up the story into chapters. For each chapter I have objectives, like "present new game mechanic", "develop x character's backstory", etc.
4- How will I deal with these objectives?
Now comes the part where I decide what will actually happen in story, trying to accomplish my objectives. For example for "present new game mechanic" I'm could have the player run into a teacher character, and for "develop x character" I could have x character have a flashback. (and yes, these are terribly boring examples)
5- Now... write!
Here comes the part where I actually write a script with descriptions for actions and locations. All the previous steps are useful for coming up with what happens, but you won't see how these pieces actually work together until you put them together.
6- Identify problems, find solutions, rewrite

Repeat as needed.

And that's basically it. Yeah, I really like working in a structured way.

Bonus Question

Which was the last book you read? Last thing I finished reading was Ender's Game.

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