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AAhhhhh, the Gypsy life..lol.. no job needed...Married, livin wild and free where ever the road takes us!.. truck stop back lots, travel parks, campgrounds, walmart parking lots..lol anywhere the bus will fit... gotta plug in on the front of your house?..lol


No blog entries have been posted here. Boring yes, but as confucius says - if you have nothing good to say, why say anything at all? Check back later, perhaps something exciting will pop-up and be worth blogging about, like season 3 of the teletubbies.

Speak your mind, rant about games, mods and the development scene, it's simple and who knows maybe someone will read it and agree. It will feel right!

Sn1pe Nov 5 2010, 12:13am said:

Man I don't even know, I haven't touched half mind in a long time.

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vegerich Aug 16 2010, 6:08pm said:

Fix for "Mistake of Pythagoras"
Just go into the Mistake of Pythagoras Folder and open the "gameinfo.txt" file,then change SteamAppId to "215" in the file.
Now it works :D .

Fixes for other mods can be found at:

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BenQ3000 Aug 3 2010, 12:33pm said:

Hi dude :)
Well, i saw you recently managed to play Mistake of Pythagoras... Did u had any problems?
Cause when im trying to play it im simply stuck near the computer and nothing happens... When checking the console i get:
Scene 'scenes\ks\ks_look1.vcd' missing!
Scene 'scenes\ks\ks_st_npc1.vcd' missing!
Scene 'scenes\ks\ks_st_npc2.vcd' missing!
Scene 'scenes\ks\ks_look_move1.vcd' missing!
Scene 'scenes\ks\ks_cop_help1.vcd' missing!
And the files exists, with the same names in the same directory!
Any ideas?
Thx in advance :)

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TwoDustyOldLions Sep 25 2010, 11:25am replied:

Odd the 215 fix worked for me. Try uninstalling it, then after you reinstall change the gameinfo.txt to 215
It will look like this:

game "Mistake Of Pythagoras"
title "Mistake Of Pythagoras"
type "singleplayer_only"
developer "K.S.(Koumei satou)/JAPAN"
developer_url "http://www2d.biglobe.ne.jp/~ks_wca/"

icon "icon"

SteamAppId 215
ToolsAppId 211

Game |gameinfo_path|.
Game hl2

OR just copy and paste this into the gameinfo.txt after erasing what's there. You should save the original. You can just make a new gameinfo.txt with the aforementioned fix in it then switch them. And if the fix doesn't work you can just switch them back.
When Steam updated in June a lot of mods went out the window. Fixes and patches are slowly showing up.. might be a waiting game but the 215 should work.

NOTE: if you have little or no experience tweeking the games make the new gameinfo.txt on your desktop, then create a folder to move the old gameinfo into before you move the new gameinfo into the MOP folder in source mods.

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Slane583 Jun 10 2010, 4:11am said:

I don't like bugging people. But would you happen to know of any modders willing to do a mod idea? I posted a idea in the forum a few days ago but it seems because of the complexity it doesn't seem to be of interest.

That and it doesn't help I can't code, model or do level building.

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TwoDustyOldLions Oct 10 2010, 2:00pm replied:

Check with Phillip Marlow of PlantPhillip.com There are a lot of modder members on that site.

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TwoDustyOldLions Apr 14 2010, 2:47am said:

Some people are having a time opening things like RAR files. Winace will open ANYTHING and there is a FREE version. Winace.com

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TwoDustyOldLions Apr 14 2010, 1:16am said:

yea we live in a tin can..lol

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