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Taking RNA & RA3 to new cartoony heights!
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Omar007 Mar 21 2011, 8:13am said:

Oh god just when I thought things couldn't get any worse D:

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sgtmyers88 Mar 21 2011, 5:40pm replied:

Yea I agree, doesn't fit my taste. Sorry.

Good luck on your Mod though.

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TotallySnappy Mar 22 2011, 3:11am replied:

No worries, but hopefully the next time I hear someone complain that RA3 is too cartoony, I can show how much more so it could have potentially been!

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PsionicAssassin May 3 2011, 10:40am replied:

I am with you on this one SighNapse :D

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n5p29 Mar 21 2011, 11:44am said:

Cartoon Style - You're doing it right!

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Glarg Mar 22 2011, 3:08pm said:

My biggest problem with RA3's units was not that they were cartoony, but that they were too "busy". Sure they were well detailed, but when you have a screen full of units and buildings, it is difficult to quickly know what everything is and what it is doing, because there is simply too much. RA2 was great in this aspect because everything had a distinctive shape and colors along with a low level of distracting detail.

These Advance Wars units are quite pleasing to the eye.

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GriffinZ Apr 27 2011, 3:08pm replied:

the models are okey, it's the eniroment and stuff. everything in Red Alert 3 is made of plastic. Metal looks plastic, cloth looks like nylon, and housecolours are neon -.-

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MrTaxikiller Apr 14 2011, 6:47am said:

anywayz I'm not agreeing with everyone here about the "CARTOON STYLE" this is an mod that is originally on an gameboy game system and I have play this game allot and I'm telling you sir that the models are 100% correct to the pixel versions of the gameboy system now there are 3 mods for ra3 that I want to play so I sure need Ra3 now.

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PsionicAssassin May 3 2011, 10:37am said:

GOd Damn it its the Shaders not the environmental that looks plastic.
The shader fits well anyways, putting ra3 models in cnc3 just doesn't fit. Too dark, and realistic.

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Mar 21st, 2011
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