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This is a group for all PC gamers from all gaming generations. From the time of PCs like the Comadore 64 to the modern PCs. By PC i don't mean just Windows, I mean them all like Mac and Linux.

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ℒuna-tic™ Apr 9 2012, 9:44pm said:

For the money, a full-custom tower would be better.

This machine is a compact unit made to close the gap between PC and console, if you have the space and the skills, build a tower, more power for your money.

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OrangeNero Apr 9 2012, 9:49pm said:

wouldn't take it overall poor for that high price. 1600 for this one compared with a lets say acer G3600 for 900.
only 4gb memory? The graka you got seems also poor to me.

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ℒuna-tic™ Apr 10 2012, 12:33am replied:

"only 4gb memory? The graka you got seems also poor to me"

Are you reffering to my PC I posted a while back, check the date, I have upgraded since then, gave that one to my parents...

I have built an I7 LGA2011 system recently.

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OrangeNero Apr 12 2012, 5:53am replied:

I refer to this pc here up there and in the link. The price is with 1700$ ridiculous for the poor specs, 4gb (8gb is the minimum for decent gaming) ram 1TB space and an i5 and the card not really being for high performance gaming. I can get an equal machine here for half of the price.

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TimberWolfer Mar 13 2013, 10:01pm replied:

My god, 4 gigs is not decent? what has happened?

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Jesterzx9 Apr 9 2012, 10:04pm said:

You can customise with dell which is good but meh idk

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Yuribeard7 Apr 10 2012, 10:26am said:

I had been looking at this computer myself and the specs are nice. I would be concerned about airflow and overheating though since its so cramped. In my honest opinion I think you should just go with a real desktop.

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Set_Tainer Apr 20 2012, 10:29pm said:

For a good computer for gaming, get a Ibm with: Windows Xp, intel Pentium 4 Ht, compatible with Nvidia Geforce graphic cards (I recommend a 9400 gt), and a 160 GB hardrive and you are good to go. I found one Ibm on ebay for 50 US$ and I installed a Nvidia Geforce 9400 gt and the graphics are stunning.

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Yuribeard7 Sep 4 2012, 9:04am replied:

Umm. That sounds like a seriously crappy computer. No offense intended.

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Hey I need a new pc for gaming and I was thinking the Alienware x51 but idk if it's specs are good or not, so I ask you guys to help me out.


Apr 9th, 2012
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