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Anyone else think these would make epic shirts?
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lamaking65 Jul 28 2012, 2:57pm said:

I'm not sure, if you can spread it through out the shirt instead of the usually rectangle decal on the front of a white T, without anything else on it then yeah.

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tt0022 Jul 28 2012, 4:01pm buried:


well if you change the japan flag on the mid one for something with more mass effect style it would be a good t shirt

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Theorentdevil Jul 28 2012, 6:05pm replied:

That's suppose to be the Sun in the Illusive Mans office, so no the design is perfectly fine.

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Admiral-165 Jul 29 2012, 4:10am replied:

I'm sorry but why did this comment receive so many dislikes? Sometimes i don't get people...

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BuddyC Jul 29 2012, 4:16am replied:

Because we are on the internet my good Sir.

Personally i thumbs upped them both. Why? Well they are both valid comments. While I agree that it is deeply tied to the lore and fitting to use the IM's 'private' sun i also think that the design could have been differnet. Because really it does look like the Rising Sun and in my opinion alot of people, at first glance (especially if they are unfarmiliar with the ME series) are going to think "RISING SUN!" before it actually dawns on them what the artist was really portraying.

So like i say both valid, both thumbs upped. In the end its a great piece of artwork and thats all that matters. :)

P.S. If that was 1920x1080 i would make it my wallpaper. It really is a great piece of art. :)

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ddrag0n Nov 22 2012, 4:28pm said:

I totally would buy the Object out of it.

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Jul 28th, 2012
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